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Feeding Muffy

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Muffy had five babies last Saturday. During her pregnancy, I fed her dry Purina One Kitten food (tried Iams and she hated it) and a half can of wet food a day (this was Iams but not kitten formula). Now that Muffy's had her babies, I've still been putting down the Purina One, plus I've been feeding her about 2 cans of Nutro Max kitten food. I've been using the wet food because she's in such a rush to eat and get back to the babies. She's only been eating a small amount of the dry food. Is this an adequate diet for her? It seems I read once that I should give her some KMR occasionally to help her with her nursing. The kittens are doing really well and are growing fast. Muffy's gotten pretty darn skinny. I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions.

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I would give her as much as she wants to eat. Usually, when we have litters of kittens we give them kitten dry and as much canned as they will eat. The kittens really begin to drain them after a couple of weeks and they will get skinny. Also, you can take her and separate her for about 30 minutes to feed her if you want to. Sometimes, after a week or two, they like a break from all the babies. You can give her KMR if you want to or mix it in and make "kitten mush" with the dry kitten food. This will also help wean the babies. It will give her more vitamins in the meantime. Good luck!!!
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You're doing great. Thats exactly what they usually get when nursing.
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