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a very long story!!! oops??

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thankyou all for making me so welcome!! id like to take this opertunity, seeing as ive nowt else to do, to tell you all about my cats!!so if ur going to be bored read it later when you feel fed up, it will certainly make you smile!
my first cat jake is 3 next month, he was and still is my baby!! and what a personality he has!! when he was just a nipper, he would jump up to the duvet cover and climb his way up to bed and snuggle up as tight as he could and fall fast asleep! i used to worry that i may squash him in the night but i never did, i seemed to wake up at his slightest miow and see what was the matter! as he got older, seeing as he used to follow me EVERYWHERE, he would follow me to the bathroom and try to jump on my knee when i was trying to pee!! if i locked him out he wud really cry at the door!! then if i was in the bath, he would jump in! i couldnt believe it at first, so i emptied most of the water out, and patted the side and he really just leapt back in like its the best thing since tuna!!
ive had some real laughs with jake over the time ive had him, he was unwanted because he was all black, so i took him not realising how attached hed get, as ive got three other cats he isnt coping very well wtih all the extra fuss, and if u have read my article on "my cat hates everyone" its exactly like i say!! he has his moments and i find our special time everyday, a good half hour of cuddling and talking to each other everyday. does anyone elses cats talk to them? i know it may sound daft but we really do chat, jakes way of getting attention from me is to make a funny noise, like a eeeyyy noise, and we talk like that and his kisses consist of him pushing his nose/mouth across my nose!!or cheek!i love the realationship we have.
i cant believe that someone wouldnt want a kitten because it was all black?? how superstitios are they"!
jess was a rescue case, she wasnt being looked after at all when we took her in, she was wormriddled, full of earmites and thin, her poop was like water and she wouldnt eat out of a bowl;we had to give her food from our hands onto the floor and gradually introduce her bowl,she had been fed a diet of bread and chippy and watered down cat food. we took her straight to the vets naturally, at four months old, a kitten has to do a lot of growing and shed hardly done any,they did the best they could to get the thick black wax from out of her ears, and for the next 5 months so did we. it took deep earcleaning and five lots of antibiotic drops,canaurol to get rid of them!!
jess is a little fatty now, shes small for her age but not underweight for her size if u know what i mean??!! she is definately a daddies girl too, she adores my boyfriend richard she also like jake has a passion for people on the toilet and talking! both jake and jess go crazy if a fly gets into the house, or a moth,eeew they lick them so they cant fly off then torture the poor creatures!! im yet to have a present of a mouse, although i came home late one night from work to find that either jake or jess ( it may even have bee both!) had left one bluebottle and two small flys on my pillow!!! yuck!
well ill not go on anymore, but id love to talk about the other rescues, merlin whos four and jack the ladd whos 9 weeks today!! happy b'day jack!! please let me know if i should write this long again, or am i boring?? i hope not, my cats are and inspiration to me and everyone who knows them!!
take care, love claire jake jess jack and merlin xxxx
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Thanks for sharing about your kitties. Do you have any pictures of them up yet?

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Claire, we love hearing about people's kitties. As long as you don't mind us talking about ours too.

My two cats love chasing and eating flies and moths, too. Trent talks to me all the time. He's mad at me right now because we were away for 2 days, but he'll get over it. He's my special little guy.
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I was not bored at all ! But hon,we need pictures!!!!!!!!
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