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how are you? i have three cats . i foudn this site because i tihnk our stray kittie kat is pregnant and i want advice on everything to do. peace
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Welcome to the site! Just post your questions in the Health and Nutrition forums where our experts will be sure to see them, and good luck with your stray!
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Welcome! Congratulations on your kitty's pregnancy. Hope you enjoy it here as much as I.

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thankyou.... i think i will. im just scared that something is gonna go wrong and my mother still doesnt wanna admit shes pregnant
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Hi there, and welcome to the board, i think you will like it here, i certainly do, hey about your kitty, you will know if she is pregnet in a short while, or you can take her to the vet and they can tell ya for sure, good luck with her, and let us know how it turns out.
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Hi there! Just wanted to welcome you to the board!
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thankyou. im pretty sure she is now cause you can see the babies kicking.. her belly moves and it feels really neat.
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heres me. i just think i look really pretty in this pic. sorry if i look too weird for your taste. i only look like that on occosian. ive toned down my looks lately.
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Hi & Welcome!! Cool Picture!!!!!
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thanks. very muchies
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