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Going outside! Off for the day!

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My kids are begging to go out and play in the sprinkler....I am going offline for the day so have a good day everyone!!
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Ok ok.... I'll get off my butt and do something. You've inspired me! All weekend I've been cleaning and doing laundry and watching lifetime movies! In between I come in and check the site and throw some more joy around the boards! But I think you're on to something here!
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I wont be online too much longer either. Gonna go see some fireworks and hear some music.... I hope you and your girls have a blast Kathy.
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We ended up coming inside....my kids are extra grouchy for some reason and I don't know, why but I made them all come in because they just keep hitting each other, and yelling at each other, just can't seem to get along at all!! It is driving me nuts!!! ohh well...maybe it is just the heat..it is pretty miserable!
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Its pretty miserable here in Georgia too, so hot. We are screening in our side porch for the cats, we have already done one of them and they practically live out there, so were doing the other one now and its just so hot, the humidity is about 80% and its really easy to get grouchy in that kind of heat. We still have a few days work on it, so looks like long days in the hot weather here. We stopped working for the day and are taking the rest of the day off.
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Well, I WAS going to go outside and do some yardwork--but first it was WAY too hot.... THEN it started to rain!! Oh dear...guess I can't do any work outside ....hmmmmmm....(IDEA HERE!!!) I think I will just HAVE to play on my computer now!! hahahahaha
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