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Sigh... not cat related but I need to vent

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So where does one draw the line at loyalty and your word as a bond?

An opportunity to work at a camp as an EMT/Nurse person for 700 bucks a week (24/7 job and you live on site) was pretty much dropped in my lap last week by the Assistant Director of said camp. Problem is I already had a job that I was going to start two days later at another camp as the head consoler for 375 a week (5 days from 8:30am to 6pm).

I went back the following day to speak with the Assistant Director, one because I did have some interest in the camp itself, two because I wanted to see what the exact job I would be doing was and three, the guy is in his early 30's, from Scotland, really cool, very attractive and has a voice you would melt to ladies. We spoke for 2 hours that day and I got to know a lot about it and we got to know each other pretty well. Defiantly someone I'd love to work with and get to know better and we seemed to click right away. Must be that Scotty sense of humor. Needless to say, I told him if I had know about the job a month earlier I would have jumped on it. Hell I don't have a life anyway so working there wouldn't have been a big deal and it would have helped quite a bit with the bills. Since my other job started the next day, I chose to stay loyal to it.

Fast forward to yesterday as myself and a fellow squad member had to work there for a camp picnic. Mr. Scotland was also there and we chatted for a good amount of time. He had asked if I'd reconsider and I was tearing myself up about it. My first week of camp at the other job went well and this camp was still in a bind not having an experienced EMT/Nurse yet on staff. The whole time he was trying to convince me to join up with them, well between casual conversation anyway. Finally at the end of the day, he came over to our rig and said, he'd offer 800 a week and possibly go as high as 850.

Now the other girl, who has an internship up in Boston was saying how much of a fool I was for not jumping on this in the first place before 800 bucks was mentioned and she wasn't the only one either. EVERYONE I spoke with, besides my parents said I should jump on this. So I decided to go back to see Mr. Scotland (besides he's just such a wonderful piece of eye candy who can hold an intellectual conversation ) a few hours later and tell him that I would take the job.

I was tearing myself up because I'm not one to quit a job, I have only quit one job in my life and that was because of the BS I was being put through. I'm one to stick to my word so it was killing me to do this and leave the other camp high and dry after the first week. Well I get there and low and behold, my fellow squad member beat me to the punch and took the job. Mr. Scotland felt really, really bad about it too as he said he knew as soon as he saw me come back that is what I was there about. Fortunately I didn't tell the other job I was leaving so I didn't screw myself but now I feel like crap. I really wanted this new job, it paid better there was free room and board and this guy and I just clicked so well. At least Mr. Scotland said he'd give me a call after I offered to hang out with him if he's looking for someone to do something with around this area (he's been living permanently here in NJ for the last three years and claims he knows no one besides the Wal-Mart customer service person and the person behind the Baglesmith counter ~ basically he has no one to hang out with, go out with or just generally talk to around here. Sounds as shy as me). So at least that part of this might work out.

Ok online shrinks, why the hell did I stand by my word when a better opportunity (and a chance at a relationship) came a knocking?

I hate life right now.
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Oh Wind, I am so sorry! I think I would have jumped at the 700 job too!

I passed up a full time offer once, telling the principal who had offered it to me that I had already committed to something with my present principal and didn't feel right breaking the committment. She told me she didn't ever expect anyone to be loyal to anyone but themselves.

I hope that the Mr. Scotland thing at least works out!
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When it rains it pours. What a hard situation to be in. I think I would have explained I got a better offer and gone for it. People do it all the time and the company being dumped usually understands. It happened to us recently when we were trying to hire a CEO. Couldn't blame the guy... he had an offer he couldn't refuse. It's just business.

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