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Greetings all.

We joined this site the other day. My name is Joyce and I live in Michigan. I have 3 cats; Dottie, 16 years, Bleu, 14 years, and Penny, 7-months. I also have a 5 year black Lab/Sharpei mix named Mattie.

Dottie was a stray. She's a long hair domestic and definately rules the roost...Queen Dottie... Small cat with a huge attitude.

Bleu is a beautiful flame-point tabby with the bluest eyes I have ever seen on a cat. He's my gentle giant. Bleu is recovering from a severe case of hepatic lipidosis. A few weeks ago I was on the verge of putting him down he was so sick. I just couldn't part with him though, and wouldn't you know, he's making a comeback. His illness took him from a robust 17 pounds to a scrawny 9 pounds. His weight is up to 10.5 pounds and he shows signs of improvement every day.

Penny was a stray. She found my mother last December. I took Penny in after my mother broker her arm in May. Penny is missing her right eyeball. We don't know what happened to it. Mother said it was there at first, though it was milky-white. The eyeball is gone now and continues to drain. When it is cleared up and no longer draining, the vet will suture the lid shut. Penny is a predominately black calico. She runs, and runs, and runs. She runs everywhere she goes. Her nickname is "Forest Gump" cuz she's a running fool.

I look forward to interacting with other cats and their owners. You'll probably find me posting mostly in regards to hepatic lipidosis. This is a terrible disease. I have, so far, a wonderful success story treating this disease. I hope to be an encouraging, supportive voice for others challenged by this disease.


Joyce, Dottie, Bleu, and Penny.
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hello and welcome to the boards!

More power to you for acheiving success over that dreadful disease! I look forward to reading your posts about how you did that, and what type of care your cat is under now. Fatty liver disease is no joke and I have had, and have heard of many cats not fortunate enough to overcome it. Bleu must be one stupendous cat!

At any rate, welcome to the boards! Nice to have you here!
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:flash: Welcome to the Cat Site! :flash: Post pictures of your little miracles when you have a chance!
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Welcome to the site!

With two cats being senior citizens, as it were, you may be interested in a very special forum that will be open for only a short time here. It is called Sharing Golden Moments, and renoun cat behviourist/author/lecturer AMy Shojai will be sharing her expertise on aging cats in promotion of her new book. Being able to ask your questions to a true expert doesn't happen all the time. It will only be open until July 15.
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Welcome to you and your kitties!!!
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Welcome! I will be interested in hearing more about hepatic lipidosis and how you helped your Cat. Sounds like you have a nice family there!

I live in Utah now but was born and raised in Michigan. Always happy to meet another Michigander!
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Hi there and welcome,enjoy your time here, its habit forming, looking forward to seeing you around
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Hi Joyce, just wanted to welcome you to the board!
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Hi there Joyce - you poor kitties have been through the wars, haven't they? However it sounds like your a loving owner that would do anything for them, so you have my vote!!!

Welcome to TCS, I would be interested in learning more about poor Bleu's illness as it's not a disease I've encountered before.

I hope to hear more about you and your furry family soon.
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Thank you everyone, what a wonderful welcome! You are right, this is indeed a great place. I wish some of the other cat groups I belong to were so down to earth and accepting.

I would like to post more about Bleu's battle with Hepatic Lipidosis. Would the health forum be the best place? I thought perhaps I could maintain the post in diary format as that would be easiest to keep track of his progress, what do you think?

I have some darling pictures of my "kids," the only problem is deciding which ones to show off.

I hope you have your favorite kind of day!

Dottie, Bleu, and Penny too.
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Owwwww Don't decided which ones to show off!!! Show them all off! We just lurrrrrve kitties here at the cat site!


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Here's a picture of Bleu. I hope I did this right.

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Bleu is gorgeous
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Meow! Thank you very much. We Bleu.
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Cheers! Hey! Have you visited the Cat Lounge yet?

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I have pussy-footed through the cat lounge. Are there any particularly good discussions going on there?
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Aww nice pic and welcome!!
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Hi Everyone. Wanted to post my next pic. This is Penny. It can't be seen well in this pic, but she is the one that is missing her right eye. Notice her posturing and that certain come-hither look? She was in the height of her first heat when this pic was taken!

Glory be, I'm so glad to be done with that!

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