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Those spots in old cats eyes

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This could probly be answered in a different forum but I figure I'd test it out here

ChiChi has spots in her eyes. She's 14 and has probly had them for a few years now. Is it something to worry about? Other than that she is perfectly healthy.

My old cat Sasha who was 12 had them too.
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spots in the eyes.

Cat eyes normally develop a condition called nuclear sclerosis as they age -- so do people. That's what makes the lense look a bit cloudy. The lens loses flexibility, and ability to focus. This is what happens to people when they turn forty and need reading glasses...

(Hey, I resemble that remark!)

Cats can still see through the haze and function very well. Nuclear sclerosis is different than cataracts, though--that can result in blindness when the lens turns opaque and light can't get through.

Next time you have your cat checked at the veterinarians, ask about ChiChi's eyes. It's hard for me to "guess" what's happening without actually seeing the kitty. There are more serious eye conditions, such as glaucoma, that are excruciating/painful to the cat and are an emergency that needs immediate attention. If that were the case, ChiChi would be squinting and pawing at her eye, and probably hiding under the bed.

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Thanks for the info Amy! It looks kinda like brown splotches. It's not cloudy nor does she paw at her eyes, nor does it appear she has trouble seeing.

I will try to find a pic of her that shows this, when I get home.
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Ok here's ChiChi.. its a bad picture because the camera seemed to make her pupils disappear LOL but you can kinda see the brown spot in one of her eyes

Here is Sasha, my rainbow bridge cat. She was 12 and you can see the spots in her eyes here

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Ooh, what lovely kitties!

I do know that a color change in the eyes MAY be due to uveitis--that's inflammation of the colored portion of the eye. It's usually secondary to FIV or FeLV, etc.

THAT SAID, in this instance when the cats aren't feeling any discomfort, I'd think of them as simply age spots. *s*

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Thanks Amy
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