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Best Collars?

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Since I'll be moving in September, I've been thinking about putting collars on my girls (Unfortunately, I won't be taking Bud with me. He's my brothers cat, but I've adopted him as one of my own).

I had put collars on them when they were little, but they always managed to get them off. They hate having them on, but I'm worried that they may excape my apartment and won't have an ID on them.

I've looked at a few websites (Princess Purrs and several other ones on Meowhoo), but I'm not sure what to get. I have read on her before, that it's best to get on that breaks away but I'm afraid the cats will figure out how to break away from them!
Any suggestions would be very helpful!
Thanks in advance!
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I think beastie bands are the best. I spent 9.95 each and bought them for all my cats. They honestly and truly are the only collars my cats will keep on. They seal with velcro and give so I feel they are safe. Even snowwhite wears one.
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Thanks Val! It sounds like everyone is very happy with the product.

With the beastie bands, is there a place to put an ID tag on it? I looked at your pictures and I didn't notice a place. Just curious...

I'm just paranoid about moving with the cats especially moving to a big city. I'm just worried sick about the possiblity of them sneaking out and getting put into a shelter or something. So, I definitely need collars that I can put ID tags on. Plus, I want something safe for them too. They never go outside, but I've heard horror stories of cats being hung to death by their collars. That would just kill me to know that I bought a collar that resulted in my cats death.

Please excuse me for being such a worry wart. I might be paranoid, but I'd be safe than sorry.
Thank you once again! You've been very helpful!
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yep, there is an eyelet whole. See where the tag is hanging? If you look realllllyyyy close there is a little whole there with a metel ring so you can hang a tag. Also, i always forget to mention, but they glow in the dark. If they are in a lighted room for awhile and then you turn off the lights the collar glows
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I am anti-collar for cats. I microchip instead. I have heard to many horror stories of cats getting hung up and well......nuff said.
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how much is micro chipping? I wanted to get that done with misty and nanook because misty slips her collar and nanook breaks his from pulling...i have bad doggies
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I'm off to look at your site again and to check out the beastie bands once again.
Could you let me know what kind of new designs when you get them? Thanks again!

Hissy, I haven't heard any horror stories about cats getting hung up that are INDOOR cats and that the accidents happen in the home. Have you heard stories like that? Do you think that collars are safe for indoor cats?

Hmmm...now my mind is really debating what the right thing to do is.
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Oh shoot, I forgot ask this before. But I've heard of microchipping, but it's not common around here. Do you have any info on that? Is it surgerically done? Where do the put it? Does it hurt my cats?

Sorry for all the questions, but my mind is intrigued with this.
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I have bought several of the Beastie Bands and I love them. They are kind of stretchy. They have a little eyelet hole for the tags too and they are adjustable. The ones I have them on are indoor cats too. I really like them though. I'm going to get more of them soon.
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Microchipping is very easily done. They use what looks like a little piercing gun but it injects the chip in the animals neck just under their skin. Here in Utah, most cats are microchipped before they are adopted out. But anyone can bring their pet in and have them chipped for $25. Have you checked the humane society close to you? I actually watched them do Peaches before I took her home. She didn't even flinch! Then the lady scanned her and showed me what information shows up. It was cool!
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that is really cool! I don't know if it as popular where I live. I'm going to look into it for the doggie.
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I'll be checking it out too! Thanks for the info!
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I found this site that talks about Microchipping Myths. Very interesting read...thought I'd share with all of you.
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No Problem... I hope you find something. If the humane society doesn't do it they might know someone in your area that does, such as a vet.

Hee hee... after I posted this I saw the article you found on microchiping! Awesome. Would be a good thing to keep handy for future reference!
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i'm so scared my babies might get lost that my two are both microchipped , and they have a tag on thier collar with thier names and my contact number, and they have a little plastic tag from petregister.com that has a code number and a 1300 number to ring if they are found, and they have my details on file!
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