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Prayers & Thoughts Please

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Ok everyone... I hate to complain but I'm just feeling fed up and OLD!

For the last 10 days, every other day I have gotten a call from my doctor. First I went to see her and she said I shrunk almost 2 inches. I'm short anyway and can't afford to lose height! So I had a bunch of tests done. A spine X-ray (bad back pain for 8 months), a CT and a brain scan (because I had a tiny stroke last year and have been having headaches and dizziness again.) So one day she calls and says she got my CT back and I have a big ole cyst on one of my ovaries. Then 2-3 days later she calls and says my spine x-ray is back and I have degenerative osteo arthritis and my disks are closing in. That's why I got shorter and have terrible back pain. Thank god I had SOME good news. A few days later she calls and says the brain scan looks better then last year and there is no evidence of new stroke.

With all this AND my husband taking a hike it's just a little too much. And I don't really have any family close by that I feel I can talk to. I really miss Emily too (my daughter who's on a mission).

I'm just grateful I have this site to occupy me in much of my free time! But if you could keep me in your prayers, thoughts (or whatever you believe in!) I would SOOOO appreciate it! I'm only 44 (going on 26) and not ready to start feeling like an old lady.

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I'm sorry Tammie that you've gotten such a rotten news! You're luck will turn around!
Sounds like you really need a hug, but I'm sorry that I can't give you one in person. Will a cyber hug do?
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Thanks Shell. That's the best offer I've had all day! LOL. I feel a little better already!
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Big oh hug from NY!
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awww lots of hugs!!!
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so sorry to hear about your health problems, but yuou know what with all these vibes and hugs and prayers you have to get better soon, keep your spirits up thats real important to your health, i know believe me i know its hard to do sometimes but we must, will keep you in my prayers and thoughts hope you feel better soon
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Tammie im sry to hear about this . things will turn around everyone is praying for you . :flower: :angel4: i wish you well BIG (((((((( HUGS ))))))))))))))))))))
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I'm so sorry Tammie. Keep your chin up. There are people that care about you
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Thank you so much everyone. Sometimes I just need to get it all out. Just keep me in your thoughts.
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Dear Tammie!
I´m sorry to hear all these bad news (and good to hear the good news about the brain scan), it´s like sometimes everything goes wrong at the same time!
I will keep you in my thoughts an prayers, and send you a HUGE hug.
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Tammie - Mega hugs and positive thoughts coming your way.

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I hope you start feeling better soon, the bright spot is at least knowing you arn't heading into another stroke. Big healing hugs headed your way.
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