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The best things in life!

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Are not things!
1.The feel of grass tickling your toes.
2.Comimg Home.
3.Singing in the shower.
4.Catching raindrops with your tonuge.
5.Holding a baby kitten.
6.Running into a old friend.
7.A sleeping baby.
8.The smell of fresh baked bread.
9.The chatter of a babbing brook.
10.Lunching with a friend.
11.Taking a nap.
12.The smell of morning coffee.
13.Sunggling on a cold night.
14.Eating vegetables from your own garden.
15.Counting a baby's toes.
16.Listening to the voices of childern at play.
18.Smelling flower's in bloom.
19.Finding peace of mind.
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How about these:
-jumping into bed with freshly washed linens on your bed
-finding lost money in your coat pocket
-hearing from a long lost friend
-out of the blue someone tells you how much you mean to them
-getting snail mail...other than bills and junk mail
-kitty snuggles for no other reason except for that they LOVE you!
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Any more? anybody?
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Watching the colors in the wood stove and being warm!
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drinking a hot chocolate after coming in from the bitter cold!
Dang...hot chocolate sounds good, but it's too HOT outside!
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-Clean laundry
-Hearing your favorite song on the radio
-Laughing so hard you cry
-Birthday cards
-Dinner and a good conversation
-Inside jokes
-Rainbows and thunderstorms
-Good dreams
-Holding your friend's child
-Warm socks
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Clean sheets...
First day of winter......
Bath and Bodyworks......
The sound of a Hard Drive Booting (Ok maybe not)
Watching kittens play.....
The ocean....first thing in the morning.....
A's and B's on a report card.......
Actually getting the "Check" in the mail......

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-Fresh figs at the grocery store
-The smell of Murphy's Oil Soap
-Crocuses and daffodils
-The library
-Chicken wings
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puppy breath!
watching the sunrise
walking in a forest
playing with kittens
getting paid for my writing
reading a good book
good health
playing with my horses
meeting online with friends
laughing with Kim
enjoying the photoshop wars
working with anne
reading this board
the first headbump from a feral
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1. Waking up with a kitty curled up beside you
2. Waking up with several kitties curled up beside you!
3. Looking up into a night sky spangled with a million stars
4. Finding an extra $10 you forgot about in your jeans pocket, especially when you're broke!
5. Kitty kisses.
6. Finding out that something you desperately need (in my case, it was tires last week!) is ON SALE!
7. Someone actually buying something I've listed on eBay, and paying for it!
8. Peanut butter, in just about any form.
9. Watching a butterfly flitter across the backyard.
10.Watching and listening to the ocean
11.Getting an unexpected compliment
12.The look on someone's face when you give them an unexpected compliment!
13.Getting the same socks back from the dryer that you put into it!
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1. kittie massages in the morning (kneading on the back)
2. love bites from the cats to remind you that you've once again slept too late
3. out of the blue compliments from your significant other
4. puppy breath (I agree M.A.!)
5. Outback Steak
6. outdoor live concerts
7. good song on the radio
8. When your boyfriend brings you home a candy bar for no reason
9. smell of coffee in the morning
10.Going home to your parent's house (make sense?
11.finishing a term paper, a test....actually, how about finishing, anything!
13.a feel good movie
14. witnessing your boyfriend talking baby talk to the cats
15. laughing
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