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Cats and Allergies?

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So many of us seem to have allergies to cats - yet have cats anyway ( ), I was just wondering how others deal with it?

I'm almost insanely allergic to cats... my eyes get watery and crazy-itchy, I sneeze, my nose runs, and I break out in hives. If I get scratched (which happens all the time - playing or clipping their claws or whatever...) it turns into a HUGE red welt. Yet... we have four indoor cats in a very small space (they have LOTS of vertical space).

I take Zyrtec-D, have steroid cream for the hives, use nasocort (like rhinocort or flonase), vacuum a LOT, and use the new Febreeze allergan reducing spray.

I think I've covered ALL the bases - and actually, I don't have any problems at all, unless I don't wash and put steroid cream on a scratch right away. I actually can't remember the last time I had hives, so when I get scratched is the only time I have to use the cream.

...and you?
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I am allergic to cats by nature, but mine don't bother me. Go figure. My daughter suffers, and I have found that new Febreeze Allergen to be of some use.
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I use Rhinocort, take clarinex and use something I got at petsmart called Allergy Relief For Cats. It's liquid and you wet a cloth with it then rub in the cats fur well, getting down to their skin. It works really good and I wouldn't even need clarinex if I didn't have other allergies.
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i think its the dander in their fur that makes the reaction, and those wipe clothes do help, glad to hear that people with allergies still have cats and work around it
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I've never been allergic to cats, but right after I adopted Tiki I started getting the sneezes & watery eyes. My Dr thinks that there is something different about her coat and dander. I just take my Zyrtec and I'm just fine. Somedays I fine even if I don't take the med's...I tend to forget to take them.
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We have an 8.5 year old, male, short-hair named Kinky. We adopted him at age 5 and he's the most wonderful cat (yes, I'm biased). I have never had allergies to any cats before and have almost no allergy reaction to anything. So, after three and half years, all of a sudden this spring, I go wild with sneezing, watering eyes, sore throat within 5 minutes of him in my lap.

This year the pollen seemed extra bad in our area (Pacific NW) and I did have some allergy symptoms. I know that you can develop allergies... But now it's summer and there shouldn't be as many allergens in the environment, so I'm confused. (It's like my immune system has just decided to keep fighting everything around it.)

He also has decided that rolling in the dirt outside is a lot of fun! So he comes in filthy, so we wipe him down with a wet towel. I have heard that it's actually the cat saliva that causes the allergies, not their dander. True? I thought that maybe it's his licking afterward that makes it worse...or maybe the dust itself. (He is normally bathed about once every couple of months.)

I have read past threads on the subject and will try the suggestions (clean/vacuum more, vinegar in water, bathe him more often, allergen products, etc.) Has anyone had a similar experience?? Will this pass with time or am I stuck? Benadryl knocks my symptoms down well, but I don't want to have to take medicine to play with my Kinky!! Please help!!
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I vacuum and use febreeze. We try to not let the cats sleep in the room with us because when we go we get soar throats. But sometimes we do anyway! I bought allera cat to wipe on the cats but I never put it on them
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No rugs, except for an oriental carpet in the living room, leather furniture, no heavy drapes, constant washing of bedclothes, and most important: 1 vacuum cleaner per floor (my "hobby"). Actually, I've read a couple of times that the cat's color plays a role, black being the worst for allergy-sufferers. I have asthma attacks when I'm around Persians or Angoras of any color, so the hair length/consistency seems to be the deciding factor in my case. I use a hydrocortisone salve called "Dermarest DriCort" on hives.
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When we first got our three boys I was insanely allergic. Anytime they got near me I would itch and get small hives -- have watery eyes, sneezes, itchy throat. My eyes would get so swollen.

After two years it seems my body has built up some resistance. I no longer get hives, and I no longer itch. However after playing with them I'll still sneeze once or twice, and my eyes may water for a few minutes but its nothing I can't handle and no medication is needed.

When we first got them I took allegra, swept and vacuumed a LOT, and used ALL allergen fighter laundry detergent. It helped lots!
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I didn't know there was such a thing as Febreze Allergen - I'll have to keep an eye out for it. That would be great on my sheer curtains.
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I just take the Zyrtec-D or Allegra-D, use the Rhinocort spray daily and I am fine. I have never experienced the runny eyes or nose. My allergies always produces the stuffy head and headache for days kind of symptoms. My Doctor has suggested that I get rid of the furbabies. I got rid of that Doctor instead and got me a new one
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The only time I have any trouble w/ my cats is when I get scratched, usually from playing and things, but the scratched area gets all welted up and red for a few hours and it itches like crazy, I usually just get some benadryl cream and i am fine.
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Originally posted by ahuff
He also has decided that rolling in the dirt outside is a lot of fun! So he comes in filthy, so we wipe him down with a wet towel.
Although people can suddenly develop allergies, and older people have more allergies (because of a greater exposure to potential allergens), to me it sounds like you are reacting to something in the dirt, and not your cat (just to note-I'm not an MD). It might be pollen trapped in the dirt, or perhaps mold or fungi. I know it can be expensive, but perhaps having an allergy test might help track down what you are reacting to. I get bad pressure and congestion during the spring/summer, but surprisingly when I got allergy tested I found I was not allergic to any of the major allergens (cat, dog, ragweed, mold, cockroaches, etc). My problems are most likely due to changes in the atmospheric pressure (which is quite common). When a cold front is moving through, I have to tank up on Sudafed. Can you keep your cat from rolling in the dirt for a few days, to see if this reduces your symptoms?
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Wow, I just wanted to say I think you guys are really cool for being allergic and still having cats.

True cat lovers indeed :angel4:
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Yeah, we are trying that (not letting him roll in the dirt). He is mostly an indoor cat, but spring/summer, he really likes to patrol the yard for infiltrating cats! Yesterday, we kept him indoors all day and we have covered his two favorite places to roll. He was insistent on going out this AM (I think he needed to leave his mark!), and came back into the house clean. My wonderful husband vacuumed and dusted the house yesterday, which should help too. I am trying to keep him away from my face and washing my hands well after handling him. So far, so good.

It just seemed so strange that all of a sudden I was reacting to him after 3.5 years of no issues, so I have to think that he is bringing something new into the house. (No new diet or anything else has changed.) I sure hope so! I would hate to become allergic to my baby, but I would deal with anything to keep him!! Thanks for the input!!
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can you be allergic to one cat and not the rest?
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Bravo to all of you for keeping your cats! My (former) allergist told me to get rid of the cats and dogs without even testing to see if I was allergic to them first! I found a new allergist, got tested, and yep, they do bother me, but he understands the cats are staying, so I started allergy shots.

Between the shots, zyrtec-D, rinsing the cats once a month in warm water, keeping them out of the bedroom, and using an ionizer air filter in the bedroom, we're doing pretty well (hubby is allergic, too). Also, as others have mentioned, avoiding carpets and vacuuming frequently can help.

Desiresgrasp - my allergist told me that you can get used to your cat so it doesn't bother you, but when you're exposed to another cat you can have a reaction. That's what happened with Hubby & me - he's not allergic to his cat, but mine bother him, and vice-versa. Also, if the cat goes outside, it might bring in pollen or dust on its fur.
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