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Originally posted by hissy
Just got back, he tested negative on all the yucky stuff. He is 3 years old and has fleas, earmites, lice and an URI. He will be home tonight and I will keep him upstairs for about a week then bring him down to see if I can integrate him with the others. I will in the process be putting weight on him and trying to find him a loving forever home. But around here, what adopts out the quickest are the kittens.
Yeah (on the negative results) Hissy!!!!!!! You're an angel for doing this for Cyclone....
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He is home, he has been medicated, had his ears cleaned out and ointment put in his eyes. He has a funny little way of talking to me sort of in an underbreath kind of way, when he is telling me he has had enough! LOL I have decided to call him Grumbles instead of Cyclone, might be easier to find a home for him with a name like that! Mike is such a doll, he made a sturdy chicken wire barrier over the window so that Grumbles can't escape even if he wants to!
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Grumbles is a cute name . I am sure he was grumbling to you complaining that his manlyhood is gone
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MA, he is beautiful. I'm so happy that he has nothing too serious, and that he has you there for him.

I've been really emotional lately, and everytime I see a picture of a feral, or stray that has been rescued or that needs a home I just cry so hard.

Reading your stories makes me smile. You do so much.
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No Cass,

I feel like I don't do enough. I just do all I can.
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OMG he is so handsom , I would take him in a heart beat
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LOL Hedi!

You need another cat as bad as I do! But thanks, I hope he will be able to find a home. His color is very desirable. His ears are pitch black with ear mites, we had a cleaning this afternoon, and he was oh so tolerant of me doing this to him. I do hope he knows I am trying to help him. I had to make a different litter pan for him- he wasn't using the regular box so I made him a mini dirt field using the tray out of our large dog cage-
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All of you fingers are still intact after cleaning his ears ?
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they appear to be- His ears are in such bad shape you need a chisel to get the gunk out. They are the worst I've seen.
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Awww, he looks so peaceful. I'm quickly starting to fall in love with him.
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Ears can take a long time for that to clear up . That is hard work every day cleaning I am sure his ears are sore too .
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I can't believe how far you've come with this guy already! How's the dirt-box working out?

I'm so glad his basic problem seems to be just parasites! Not surprising on the URI, but so treatable! Not getting scratched anymore while giving him meds?

And he really is looking cuddly these days! But in these pics it looks like his head is SO BIG!

Scritches to Grumbles!!!
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Because there are no high sides, but last night he finally used it! And poor kid, he has been eating twigs and tree bark!
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Aaaaw! Poor guy. It is amazing that he seems so content when he is having to go through so much.

It sure does warm my heart to see and read how well he is doing.
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I stuck my head in his closet this morning and he came over and head-bumped me- he really is a tolerant fella- It is so hard to believe that he was such a destructive cyclone of a cat in his first time at captivity!
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It looks to me he really is a sweetheart . MA you are doing a great job
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I think he passed, and he didn't grumble one time! LOL

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OMG! Those cracked me up! The look on his face is so cute!!
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LOL I don't think he was as amused as I was! LOL Oh the dignity of a feral!
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He is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!! What a sweetie he's turning out to be!!!!!!!!!!!
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AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! The look on his face made my heart MELT! Hissy, u have such a BIG heart to be able to take care of all these ferals and also ur cats! I'd be a nervous wreck crying! I am having a HARD time dealing with one feral ALONE! I just HATE to see her outside but at the same time I know she won't come in...
U're a great example to us all!!
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Simply amazing. Hissy you are a Cat Angel.

Just curious, do you pay for the treatment of these cats out of your own pocket? I am also so amazed that a feral cat could come around so fast and let you touch him and head butts. Is that because you closed him up in a room and he had no choice? I know I'm asking alot of questions.. I just wonder about the stray that comes to my patio.. if I will ever get to touch her.
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what a sweetie boy
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This is my theory, and it may be all wet. But here goes. When we initially captured him, he was highly stressed, did his laps around the cat room ON THE WALLS AND EVEN THE CEILING! He laid in one spot panting so hard all night, even after he quit running, I was afraid he would stroke out. Then in the middle of the night he squeezed himself behind the trellis that was in front of the window, jumped to the roof and vanished for a few weeks. When I finally saw him again, it was evident he had been in a fight or two. I let him stay around here without grabbing him up, but the other day, it was clear he needed to go to the vet, so I snatched him and carried him upstairs.

He only went ballistic the first night, and until we covered the window with chicken wire, we were afraid he would escape again. Now, I believe he understands I am trying to help him. He has to be feeling better, his eyes are clearing up, his ears aren't caked with dried blood, he is getting regular meals and this morning we let him out of quarantine and he has the entire second floor to prowl now. He has found refuge in my canning cupboard, I suppose because it reminds him of places he used to hide, old abandoned sheds etc..

He is so tolerant and loving, and were it not for his initial capture behavior, I would almost say he was a neglected stray. But strays don't usually go ballistic and launch themselves at the walls. They get anxious and meow, and scratch but they don't go into orbit when captured.

And yes, unless the good fairy intervenes Mike and i pay for all treatment out of our pockets.

One more thing, if you make these animals understand that they are dependant on you for everything, food water, etc.. and take away a certain amount of their freedom, they will come to trust you as long as you don't hurt them. Hurt them one time, inadvertently or otherwise and watch out- you will be the one hurting before the cat is through with you.
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Wow those pics are so cute!!!! I still cant believe he went froma raging lunatic, to letting you put a feather on his head
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LOL! If looks could kill I wouldn't be here right now! LOL

Someone on the board wants him, and it may be entirely possible for that to happen, if everything works out and they check out as a good home- which I have a feeling they will- It would mean a bit of a road trip to get him there, but it is possible.
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that would be great if that sweetie boy would have a forever home .
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