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Well lets hope my magic holds- he has a bad worm problem and tonight he gets pilled! If I don't get the medicine into him tonight, with the size of the parasites crawling on him, he won't have much of a chance in life.
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Do you have any hands left? I hope you were successful in pilling your huge guy!
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He never showed! I am sad for him, and glad for my fingers!
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Well, I hope he shows up soon. Have you had the chance to throw some advantage or frontline or something on him either?
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Maybe because I am not in my right mind at the moment- I am totally exhausted, but I just pilled and medicated Cyclone! Don't ask me how, and yes, I am typing with all 10 fingers intact, and he has had a drontal and some clinidrops! TYG!!!!
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Wow Mary Anne! I'm so impressed!
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Wow! Congrats MA, I bow before your superior kitty skills!
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That's excellent news MA!
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You never cease to amaze me with your way with ferals. I am so glad to hear you got his meds in him, and came out of it fingers intact.
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I am so excited that you managed to pill this wild boy! Bravo to you!
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WOOHOO, MA, WAY TO GO WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm just catching up now, yayyyy! When there's a will, there's a way M.A.!!!

How is he doing since you medicated him??
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Thats great news!! Hows he doing now? Have you noticed any improvement? Were you a vet or an angel in your previous life?
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I see him every night now. The thick yellow puss on his eyes are now just clear liquid and not thick. He allows me to touch his head one time and then he bolts. I am feeding him cooked chopped liver right now hoping to bump up his immune system because he is lousy with fleas. His next contact with me will be hopefully this weekend and I will flea treat him with Advantage. I feel like this is vet visits 101 primitive baby steps all the way. He is just so skinny, you can feel his bones.
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WOW MA , you really impress me . I am so happy for the sweetie pie and touched by the love you have for them
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Mike says this is the house of Musical Cats- Cyclone got grabbed up this morning when he came to feed! I have him upstairs and I am hoping to get him neutered today! We reinforced the trellis over the window, and sprayed the room heavily with Feliway before putting him up there. He is laying in the corner glaring at us- he looks horrible. He has been in a fight recently and his eye is all gummed up. But I just took a chance and snatched him this morning after seeing his eye. I don't think he even saw my hand swoop over him.
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Way to go, MA!!!

Hope the vet can take him today!
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Good job M.A., I hope he will be OK.
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Thank God , finaly you got him . I am sure you are very happy about that . Hopefully they can neuter him today and get him all fixed up so he can have a healthy happy life . MA you sure are a
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He goes in tomorrow morning- snip clip! I'll have him tested first off and hope he comes out all clear. He really is a pretty boy
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Got Cyclone in my thoughts this morning!!! Hope all goes well.
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We have to board up the window as he kept trying to escape. Finally I just went up and sat with him and sung lullabyes to him. I know I am wierd But eventually he settled down and gave me his tummy to scratch

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That's my bathrobe in the picture. I am wearing it, and he let me get that close to him! I hope there is not anything to seriously wrong with him after he gets vet-checked this morning

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awww he is so pretty!!!! Poor guy looks like he feels sick
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His eyes look pretty yucky. I hope he gets well soon.

How amazing that this cyclone of a cat let you scratch his tummy! Wow!
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awww poor guy . You can tell on the pictures that he is not feeling well . And he is a pretty cat .I hope everything go well with him and he will be ok .
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Just got back, he tested negative on all the yucky stuff. He is 3 years old and has fleas, earmites, lice and an URI. He will be home tonight and I will keep him upstairs for about a week then bring him down to see if I can integrate him with the others. I will in the process be putting weight on him and trying to find him a loving forever home. But around here, what adopts out the quickest are the kittens.
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yeah , that is good news . I hope you can find him a good furrever home
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Oh Maryanne Sorry about all his problems, But so glad you were able to grab him and could get that close to him, What a doll!

Prayers still flying! Hope he finds a furrever home!

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Thank goodness he didn't have any of the scary illnesses. Did they have to dip him for the lice? Are they the same lice that people get? Were they able to neuter him today too? Poor kid!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he finds a good home soon.
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