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I don't know Hissy, that "Hissy Grab" sounds like it would be fun to watch!! Sure hope Cyclone gets that new home.

What do you use for fleas? My poor kittens are covered, along with their momma, and my poor pup, who has never had a problem, is also covered.
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I use advantage on all my cats.
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Mary Anne, that is soooo exciting. Cyclone will be happy being the ruler of hjis own kingdom! Woo Hoo!!!

Jenifer, I use Advantage as well. It is a little expensive but is worth every penny of it!
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This helps cut down the cost of using Advantage-


And it even lasts longer than a month on the cats to keep the fleas off. Don't use it on kittens though, never- always use the kitten advantage.
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MA - what wonderful news about Cyclone! Sounds almost like heaven for him - although I'm sure he'll miss you. Hugs and scritches to Cyclone - and happy mouse hunting.
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That is perfect! I am so happy for Cyclone!!!!
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That's excellent news! It really is.
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That sounds absolutely perfect for him MA, and you too! Please keep us updated on how it all goes down. I look like the Cheshire Cat over here. All TEETH! Cyclone is gonna be in heaven chasing those mice!
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Well guess who showed up this morning? Looking very pleased with himself and bringing me a female cat Cyclone appears! The female looks to be badly malnourished. She must have main coon in her as well and I fed them both and looked Cy over. (I haven't seen him since the snowstorm hit) He looks good, though he is limping but I couldn't get close enough to see what the problem is. It looks like he is favoring his front leg.

I was just so delighted to see him, and amused at how protective he is of this new feral. I hope they stick around, right now they are under the house. I put a fresh straw bed for them under there and if she stays, i will capture her and get her to the vet and get her spayed.

I will also call my friends and see if they still want him and her too- He vanished after I found out about them needing a mouser, then we got hit with that storm.
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Aaaaw....Cyclone has a girlfriend!

I'll bet you can get her fattened up for him real fast! Good luck catching her and then (after spaying) getting them to the barn.

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LOL! Renae- you make it sound like he is going to feast on her bones or something! LOL I think he just knows she isn't doing well and wants us to help her. She may be thin but her growls aren't!
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Good to see that he is still around . It seems to me that he really trust you , or he would not come around all the time . Good luck in TNR the girl .
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He knows who loves him! Good luck catching her.
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MA! Blow some kisses Cyclone's way for me. How are things your way? This new feral he brought along have a name yet?
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He knows who got him feeling better, and wants the same treatment for his friend! Get a picture of them together if you can, MA.
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Ok updating the thread. I finally was able to trap the gray girl and took her in to be spayed. Once out of the carrier in the vet's office (she had been in the carrier for 24 hours) she was like a totally different cat! Calm and purring, nuzzled right up to Lisa the vet tech and walked right into her heart! LOL Lisa called me after the surgery and said that something had grabbed her about GG (graygirl) and asked if she could adopt her. I told her of course, no question, and last I heard-Lava (her new name) is doing just fine with all Lisa's 12 cats!

Cyclone is staying here with us. One of the family members of the people who wanted him concerns me so I don't feel like putting him there is safe. He lives under our house, and comes out now nightly to eat with the others. He's in a good place-
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Thanks for the update!!!

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That is wonderful news M.A.
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Oh how wonderful!!! Thanks for keeping us updated.
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Guess who I picked up last night, and tonight as well? He actually snuggled down into my chin, and bit my neck, not hard just a love nibble-
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Well Happy Birthday from Cyclone!!!
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Did I miss your birthday???

I can't think of a better gift than a good snuggle from a formerly wild and frightened cat!

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He has been injured. I doctored him up, fed him, medicated him and released him back outside.

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It was a minor wound, but oh my- look at the trust!

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OMG , he is still soooooo handsome .
Yes M.A. I can see the trust and the love he has for you . That is so wonderfull
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Just a quick update- Cyclone is better. The bite was superficial and he is no longer limping. He is now the king of the patio and is sleeping right outside the back door near the washing machine. Doesn't appear to want to go anywhere either.
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So happy to hear that, Cyclone!
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Oh MA, how far this boy has come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll be annoyed with him for constantly wanting to be on your lap, next!
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I am so happy to read that Cyclone is doing better
That would be great if he stay around now , at least he would be much saver with you and get all the tlc
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