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How is Kahuna today? I hope he is feeling better.
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He is healing well. It is a long rip, not a deep one. It is starting to get the white stretchy tendon like webbing around the outside, a sign it is healing without abscessing. He does froth at the mouth now when I give him his clavamox though. But at least he doesn't fight me like some of the ferals do.
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Cyclone got Kahuna real good at least it sounds like a bug wound to me . Poor thing . Is Cyclone comming back ? And how is he doing ?
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Sadly, I have not seen one hide nor hair of Cyclone since the catfight. I even crawled under the house to see if he was injured and hiding, but couldn't find him, nor did I see any blood or obvious signs of a badly wounded cat. I don't know where he is, and will continue to hope he will reappear soon. Kahuna is all healed up now, no sign of infection and the wound never abcessed.
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oh man , I hope Ciclone is ok . Maybe he is hiding out for a little while and just sneaking back when no one is around for food .
At least Kahuna is ok
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Glad to hear Kahuna is okay- I hope he returns soon.....
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I hope Cyclone returns and that he's okay! I'll be so heartbroken if something bad happened to him!!

On a happier note, I'm glad that Kahuna is making a quick recovery and there has been no complications!
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Oh God, with all you've had to face recently, and now this. I realize it happened a while ago, but I was out of town, and I'm just reading the latest developments. This sucks.

I'm glad Kahuna's healing well. I'm also glad it seems Cyclone might have gotten away with little harm, though it is so hard to tell. At least he was MUCH healthier than when he first arrived. It seems to me he lived on his own for so long, now that he's feeling better he might have decided after the tussle to revert to his independent ways.

It would be so wonderful if he'd pop back around some day just so you know he's OK.

Sometimes working with ferals is so rewarding, and other times it's so damn difficult.
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I lost the picture that was in this post- sorry-
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Oh Noddy girl! Be careful!!
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That's Wink- There was no confrontation- Cy looks good!
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Wink looks like she's being cautious, but curious. Good girl!

Tails up in the air like that is a good sign, too!
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yeah ciclone is back , whoohoo I am so happy and he sure looks very handsome to me . M.A. I am happy for you that the big guy is back . So he may was just hiding for while and now since the male organs has calm down he may stay around and will be hopefully be a good boy .
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Oops, sorry! I can't keep them straight. I was hoping it wasn't Noddy making sure he wasn't interfering with her newfound position as Alpha.
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I'm sooo happy!

He looks great MA, and thank you for posting pictures. I love him to death, he's so beautiful!!

I hope he can behave this time and slowly work his way into the tag team! You have no idea how relieved my heart is right now. He needs love and he won't find any better than what you and Mike can offer!

I'm so happy I could cry!!
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I just wrote to Amy - it's so difficult when they disappear, but it's so wonderful when they come back! Looks like our prayers worked. Welcome Home Cyclone!

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So glad to hear Cyclone is home!

and how cute is little wink
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I can't believe I missed this! I'm so glad your big boy is home!
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How is Cyclone getting along with the rest of the crew? Things running smoothly on your end?
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He is showing up regularly to feed. It is kind of funny though, he makes this sound when the kittens get close, it is unlike any type of sound I have ever heard in a cat. He chatters, but not like they do when they are stalking prey, and he makes no aggressive moves? He only does it with the kittens, the other cats he pays them no mind anymore. They are all finally getting along. I wonder if it is because the kittens go everywhere in threes and he feels overwhelmed? It almost sounds like he is gritting his teeth or something, very strange.....
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I'm happy Cyclone is showing up for regular feeding.
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Wow, thats weird. Maybe he feels intimidated by the bond they share? I bet he can pick up on that. Oh, I do hope he gets comfortable enough to start getting scritches and pets. I know he would love it if he ever opens up for it. Man, I really wanna reach through this computer and pet him *so* bad.
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How odd! He must be sending some sort of message to the kittens to stay away or else you'll be dinner! I'm glad he's back and staying healthy.
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I have a beautiful feral male (actually thinking he was abanded and is just wild now) that hangs around. He also made strange noises toward some kittens (that were actually his). He never bothered them at all. In fact, he would sleep with them and allow them to jump all over him. It was really neat to watch.
Hissy, I wish you lived closer to me. I'd love to watch you in action and learn. My goal is to one day get my male captured, FIXED (please, I can't handle anymore kittens and yes we are working on the feral momma.), and allow me to pet him. I was only able to pet him once, and that was the beginning of summer when he first started hanging around, but his fur is so soft I just want to cuddle him.
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Jennifer, please click here to learn how to trap your boy so he can be taken in for neutering. It is not very difficult to do.
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Thank you!
I'm trying to get a trap so I can start now. I have an appointment for him the 19th, so fingers crossed!!!
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Thank you Jennifer, I appreciate the compliment. But you would likely become quite bored watching me work. Mike likes to say I look like I am moving in slow motion when I work with the new ferals. It is a lot of sitting and squatting and breathing slow and just having a great deal of patience before that first initial contact. This morning Cy showed up for feeding, and on the agenda was to worm him and to put flea treatment on him. One hour and 45 minutes later, I was finally able to say both had been done to him, all my fingers were intact and he wasn't even the slighest bit disturbed. But it took a long time to get it done so it wouldn't disturb him.
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Oh My Goodness! I just got a phone call from a friend of ours, he and his wife just bought a 13 acre farm and they are overrun with mice. He wanted to know if I had a older mouser for them- Cyclone would be perfect! They aren't moving in for a few weeks, so I can work on getting Cy a little more socialized than he is. But I know these people really well and they love animals and are good to all of theirs. Their cat passed away last year she was 17. This is wonderful news for us, because I am still unsure of what Cyclone would do to the kittens. That rumble/rattle in his throat when they come near concerns me.
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wow , that would be really great and Cyclone would have his own domane . He would like that a lot since he is more a loner any way .
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