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You might be a Crazy Cat Lady if...

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Top Ten Signs That You Are A "Crazy Cat Lady":

1. Your colleagues no longer ask how your weekend was. Instead they ask how your cats are doing.

2. People at work have stopped offering you their lint brushes. They realize it's hopeless anyway.

3. When you get your latest roll of film developed, there's not a single human being in the pictures.

4. You have more cats than the local pet store and there are several kitty litter boxes in every room of your apartment.

5. Your personal motto is: "You can never have enough cats."

6. You buy more than 60 pounds of cat litter a month.

7. You'd rather watch hours of boring infomercials than disturb the cat sleeping on the remote.

8. You choose your friends based on how well your cats like them.

9. The only time you leave your apartment is to feed the stray cats in the neighborhood.

10. You introduce your cats by name to the pizza delivery guy.
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Ha Ha Ha Ha....thanks Mom of 10 for a good laugh. I like the one about taking pictures.
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Yes, fortunately digital cameras are making it easier for us

My coworkers all ask how my cats are.
And I could never have a friend who didn't like cats.
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Every picture I have that I have taken thats on my computer is of a cat or a person holding a cat. My daughter pointed this out to me the other day. Also she told me there was more cat food in the pantry than people food!
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There's a couple of things missing from that list!

11) Your boss OKs your bringing your favorite kitty to the office and allows you to keep a litterbox there;

12) Your favorite restaurant knows that anyone showing up in blue jeans with a cat in a crate is there for you;

13) Your customers are SICK of hearing about your cats;

14) Even your Vet wonders how you know that one of your many cats who pooped at 1:30am has blood in his stool;

15) You take more sick days because one or another of your cats is sick than because YOU are;

16) You call in sick because you FINALLY trapped that feral that has been eluding you for weeks and you've got to get him to the vet.

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this would be me when ever a person at work has a ouestion about cats they come to me or someone tells them to come to me, because they all know i love cats, i just dont see how a person could not
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You know it's bad when your friends yell "Tamelina, the walking, talking encyclopedia of cats"

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I can relate to #1 & 3!

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hee hee hee. I liked the one, you might be a crazt cat lady if you watch hours of infomercials just because you don;t want to interupt the cat sleeping on the remote...that sounds about right..LOL

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LOL, Sue!! Only we cat folk can truly relate to that list!
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