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Great CD series

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I just wanted to share this, as I know there are other Christians on this site. My husband has signed me up for the Songs 4 Worship CD series, and they are wonderful! So far I have "Shout to the Lord" and "Holy Ground." I just love them! You can order them off the TV (I know the Learning Channel and Animal Planet advertise them).

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I want to buy them too. I just love church music. I also want to get Anne Murray's and the one were all the choirs are singing.
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Is the songs 4 worship series anything like the songs 4 life series? I got a couple of those a couple years ago...they have a variety of gospel music on them....my favorite one is the Feel the power cd. The 10th song on it is called Thank You....by Ray Boltz.... when I first got that cd, that song reminded me SO much of my father, who had been a christian since he was 21, and had given SO much to the church and to missionaries, and that song just made me bawl because it was like it was made for my father, he even took little kids to sunday school, like the song mentions....well, then when dad passed away last august, (he was 82) and my nephew, his grandson,(of course!) said he wanted to sing that song at dads funeral, I about lost it, because obviously he had thought the same thing too, that it fit dad so well!!! So he sang it at the funeral, he has a great voice, and now if I ever listen to that song I really really bawl !!! It is beautiful....if you ever have the chance....please listen to it!!
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Debby, isn't it amazing how songs can make us feel! Just one song can bring back such wonderful memories of your father. Music is definitely a gift from God.

I'm trying to decide if I know the "Thank You" song. Is it the one that has the line "Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am the life that was changed."? It talks about seeing a man in heaven and the man gives thanks for teaching him as a young boy in Sunday School and then bringing him to Christ. Then it goes on about thank you for giving to the missionaries, etc? If it is the same song, I love it. I hear it on the radio here all the time, and I always want to cry. It's very touching.

It sounds like your Dad was a wonderful, caring man.

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I know that song, "Thank You". It is a beautiful song and reminds me of a Sunday school teacher I once had. She is the most beautiful woman and is just the kind of person you think of when you think of a godly woman.
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YES!!!!! That is the song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It fits my father so perfectly...and it is so sad!!! But yet wonderful....I am so thrilled that both of you have heard that song....it was so sad when it was sang at dads funeral, but yet...it fit him so well.....and I know that's what happened when dad got to heaven!
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I shouldn't cry....because I know he is enjoying his reward, and he is happy...and he is with mom again, but sometimes it is hard not to be selfish and want him back....sunday will be my first fathers day without him.

Would you both do me a favor? As new friends of mine? Listen to that song one more time, and think about my dad...he fits it so well.

I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And God makes no accidents.....he even uses the internet to bring his children together!
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I love gospel music. It makes my day. I love to hear songs about Jesus. I am catholic but it really dosen't matter what religion one is. What's beautiful is that we know the joy of singing gospel. I like Amazing Grace and How Great thou Are. Some songs bring me tears, not of sadness, but of happiness. If I weren't catholic, I'd join the Pentecostels. I love the way they sing. Standing, clapping, and dancing to the music of the Lord.
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Well we don't do much dancing, but we do lots of singing and clapping! My brother leads the song service at church....sadly I don't go nearly as often lately as I should...but I want to do better about that!!!!!
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