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The won't eat the canned food anymore

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Every once in a while, I give my kitties some whiskas canned wet food, mostly th canned Authority...well, here the past few days when I give them the canned Authority, they just nibble on it hardly and walk away from it, and it gets wasted...I am wondering if they just got spoiled to the whiskas and the other taste too much like a health food now.....what do yall think? They eat dry Authority food too by the way and they eat that just fine...I feel like they maybe getting bored of the food or something....
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Maybe try a more healthy brand like Nutro or Innova
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Authority is a healthy brand
I just feel like they are getting bored of it or something..I jsut give them whiskas for a treat mainly, but they are getting to where they won't even eat the authority anmore..
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Cats taste change from time to time in my opinion. My 3 cats eat 4 different types of dry food a day with no problems. I don't feed wet food at all. Some days they eat more of one type then others, it depends what they have a taste for on that certain day. They love the variety. I would try a high quality food like Chicken Soup For The Cat Lovers Soul if you can find it in your area. They have trial bags that are $2.00 for two pound bags. That is a dollar a pound. You won't find a quality food like this for less money. My cats inhale it daily.
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My cats are the same way, they like the food when it is first open but then one it is in the fridge they turn there nose up at the food. I was told don't switch the food because it just makes the cat more fussy so stick to the food you were buying and don't change the brand.
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Originally posted by acatsmeow
I was told don't switch the food because it just makes the cat more fussy so stick to the food you were buying and don't change the brand.
IMO, its feeding the same brand/flavor constantly that seems to make cats picky. Its almost like they become addicted to one food and if a change is ever neccessary (for health reasons or otherwise) its extremely difficult to switch them.
My cats ate the same food for a long time and when I finally decided to upgrade to a higher quality brand I found it very difficult to switch them. Eventually, I did get them to eat the new food but now I switch brands gradually every once in a while to keep them from becoming picky again....now I can easily get them to eat just about any brand or flavor without a problem. Just thought I'd share.
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IMO I'd think that if you yourself just ate one thing all the time, you'd get really burned otu on it so I try to feed my four a little different wet foods. I always feed them proplan dry food since that's all my one girl(Isis) will eat so I'm afraid to change that, and aslo Rocket(my abby) is allergic to chicken so he can't eat anything with chicken in it. so that's always the dry food, now wet foods, it's impossible to find one that they will all eat. it is really strange. Luna has gotten to the point that she will not eat the Whiskas I set out for them until it is all hard and yucky (I have seen her eat it in the am when I am picking up last nights bowls) of course it's like that with most of the wet foods I get. she is really strange with some issues I think! LOL!
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I think it's cat dependent. Loki does not eat leftovers - he just won't touch them. But he has eaten the same wet food S/D seafood 2x a day for the past 3 yrs. and no problem. So, what if they don't want wet for a while as long as they eat plenty of dry. Try skipping the wet for a few says and see how they react.
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Mine won't eat leftover canned food (that comes out of the fridge) unless I warm it up...then they seem to eat it fine. One of my girls got funny about certain canned foods for some reason. I found several brands that she really likes so I rotate between those now and on days she seems uninterested all I have to do to entice her is sprinkle a bit of Wysong denta treat on top and she gobbles it right up...it smells very strongly like parmesian cheese.
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Every so often Corkscrew will do the same thing where he stops eating his moist food. I use his moist food to give him his viatmins, so this is what I do. I just totally stop giving him the wet food for day or two and, but of course he still has his dry food. Then after a few days when I give him wet food again he gets all excited and wolfs if down like he's never had it before in his life.
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BTW Barb...I had a cat named Luna too! I love that name for a cat.
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Rock&Fluff'smom, my kitties do the same thing to me. I feed both healthy and junk food. They sometimes turn their noses up at the Science Diet, Wysong, Nutro, AvoDerm, Natural Balance - if they're not in the mood, they won't eat it. Can't tell you if they're bored or spoiled on the junk food. I end up feeding it first thing in the morning, they're hungry so they'll eat some of it. Yup, they'll eat all the crunchy kibble.

Their McDonald's of choice is Fancy Feast, and even the kitty food vacuum (Mozart) will turn his nose up at it once in a while.
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