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Cute Neighbors....

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I just got back from my neighbors house visiting her new kittens. These pictures were so cute I had to share!!!! Prissy, the mommy of these two boys, is a Persian and the daddy is a HUGE black feral... She is an indoor cat who escaped only ONE time and look what happened....LOL! Oh my....
(Fear not, my neighbor is having Prissy spayed a.s.a.p.)

GoGo's Mommy also resides at my neighbor's home...This is Trixie - Is she the spitting image of GoGo or what??? LOL!!

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awwww!! what cuties!
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Oh Man, those kittens are tooooooooo pretty.

I have to agree GoGo and Trixie look exactly alike if it weren't for their shades being different colors it'd be very hard to tell them apart.
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What DOLLS those kittens are! The eye color of GoGo's mommy is very beautiful!
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Awwwwww - I think they are precious, too. I brought over that little Foil "Crinkle" ball in the picture and it was so funny to watch them play for the first time with a REAL toy… even if it was as big as they are! LOL!!

What's funny about GoGo's mommy is that she weighs 8 pounds and GoGo is 22 pounds. Gogo's male siblings ended up as big as he is. That tiny girl hatched some hefty kittens, LOL!!

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So, are you going to adopt these two lil cuties?
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Kim, isn't it amazing how little momcats can have kittens that grow to be HUGE? Lilith is only about 7 lbs, tops, and Jules, Blondie and Polly are all in the 14-16 lb range. Max is the same size as her mom, Silver maybe 1 or 2 lbs heavier, Pan is much heavier, probably 10-12 lbs.

I look at Lil sometimes and say, "Thank Goodness they were smaller when they came out of you, hmm?"
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Oh Kim, they are soooooo cute!!!!!!! What darlings! (They look like little Mae to me! (Kitten that needed board magic... ))
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Those are beautiful kittens!
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OMG those kittens are adorable! Thanks for posting them!

Tammie, Slave to Peaches
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they are so precious!
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Cuteness Overload!
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I wish I could take them both!! Keith would shoot me if I asked, LOL!! I went over there a little while ago to "Tuck" them in and they were firmly attached to their momma. They don't miss a meal, that's for sure!

Does anyone know the best way to get fleas off of 4 week old kittens? Actually, they are almost 5 weeks now. We were over there using a flea comb but their fur is so fine it hardly works...We put Advantage on Prissy, the mom....she's a happy girl. The babies, on the other hand, have A LOT of fleas... Ack!

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They are sooooo sweeeeet that I put the photo of the two cuties on my desktop as background! Love those precious faces. Linda
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Oh, they're adorable! : And Gogo's kitty-mommy is so pretty.

I have no advice about the flea thing though, sorry!
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What beautiful kittens! I can see the persian in then

Trixie is gorgeous!!!!!! [ So's gogo though ]

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