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Missed the litter...

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But not me.

I woke up the other night to the feeling of paws slapping my leg. Figured the boys were just playing and I was in the way at 2am. Shushed them away and only took a few minutes before they returned.

The second time I woke up, I noticed they weren't playing with each other, but were looking down at the blanket. GREAT! I've got some dead bug... or LIVING bug on me... so I look down where they are, and nope... just the black blanket. They keep pawing me and then I notice, they're trying to cover me with the blanket. Odd.

Apparently one of them, Urraco or Jarama, had an accident and peed on me in the middle of the night. I didn't see which one, and it hasn't happened again since. Both were by my legs where it happened, trying to figure out why the blanket wouldnt cover it like the litter usually does. Both trying their best and looking confused that a) the litter was black and fuzzy and didnt move, and b) ... almost confused that it had happened.

Thoughts ? Could this have been a bad dream or something ? Only happened once... not since. No clue which one it was. By the looks of how much was there, i'd say Urraco.

I'm gonna run him by the vet on my next day off to have him looked over but... I'd like some thoughts here too if possible.

Other things Urraco has had in the past month are excessive "eye boogers", and a runny nose. But those seemed to clear up on their own after a day or two. No sign of them now. He's very active and always running and bouncing around, never walking as if he's in pain or lethargic.
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Here's a link to look over-

Peeing problems?
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