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I also have an announcement to make....

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the new BBQ chicken in a biscuit aren't any good. I was disapointed. My advice would be to stick with the orginal ones. (can you tell I went grocery shopping when I was hungry?!?!?
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Thanks, I will not eat them.
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To Re-innerate;
NEVER, EVER go Grocery shopping on an "Empty Stomach"
(this is a VERY important Newsbulletin. . . . :laughing::laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

AP; -3? how many and counting???

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: (you crack me up!!!

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BBQ Chick'n In A Bisquit sounds horrible, possibly something I'd buy late at night on a drunken snack run (with a designated driver of course!) But rest assured I'll never try them.
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I am a strict vegetarian but who on earth has BBQ chicken in a biscuit?????
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Chick'n In a Bisquit are these club-style crackers that have powdered chicken flavored stuff on them. They are pretty good, but BBQ style sounds awful!
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The original flavor are addicting (at least I think so), but thanks to you, AP, I'll be avoiding the new flavor.
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BBQ biscuits from where Colby? By the way, whats new with you?
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Thanks for the warning, Air Princess! Those things sound about as appealing as grits.

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Deb25, I think the orginal are addicting also! which is why I was game to try the new BBQ ones. that & I was VERY hungry which probably is 85% of the reason I bought them.

Chuck, Nabisco makes chicken in a biscuit crackers & you can get them at pretty much any grocery store.

I'm good! other than being a sucker & buying these new products....
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I guess I'm slow lately! I just now figured out that you're talking about the crackers!! When I read your post at first, I thought you were actually talking about little bits of bbq chicken in an actual biscuit. Figured we just had different tastes.

In college, I loved to get the Chicken in a Biscuit crackers and put that nasty canned cheese spread on them. Bet I'd still like that if I could get past eating cheese out of a can.

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AIR PRINCESS: This has turned into a "fun thread" (I thought you were just blowing ( )
dead air when you started this, and the, I, too, remembered "Chicken in a Biscuit" :chicken: crackers.

Thank you, Dawn for helping me remember the old college "Days of wine, weed, and canned cheese. . . . ." I can remember being so-o-o-o-o S__T Faced :jarswim: that we would litterally SUCK the last of the cheese out of the nozzle and then break down in tears because it was GONE!!!!

After that we would be forced to listen to someone like, oh, say, Mr. Cat orate for a couple of hours on a subject like: What Comment Does Canned Cheese Make About Our Society Today ????
Those were the good ole' days and I survived them. . . . . .
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My first semester of college, we SURVIVED on Ritz crackers and whatever we could get our hands on to spread on them. The food was THAT bad! Those were the days......
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When I attended the University of Oregon, back during my flat-stomach days, those of us who were broke all the time ate at a place called The Mill Race. It was right across the street from the campus and it featured the least-expensive fare to be found anywhere in the City of Eugene.

It was awful! An upset stomach was guaranteed after each and every "meal," but there were no alternative feeding troughs. The "hamburgers" (which were the chief dietary staple) there contained little surprizes, which were best not worried over too much!

Now, about the deep inner meaning of canned cheese. I've prepared a few brief remarks. . . .

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when I was in college the staples were microwave popcorn & ramen noodles. those noodles that were square shaped that you would put in water & them microwave it to make some kind of noodle soup. you would getting a filling meal for somewhere around 85 cents.
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Hey AP, on a bad summer, we teachers still live on those Ramen noodles! I almost bought some today, right after I stuck my tongue out at the BBQ Chicken in a Biskit!

And Mr. Cat, any thoughts on Cheez Whiz? I love the stuff on tacos. Part of my neverending quest to eat more cheese.
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Next week, when I again venture into the grocery store, I'll pick up some Cheez Whiz and re-acquaint myself with that old friend. For those unfamiliar with the product, notice the spelling. As there's no such thing as "cheez," the manufacturer needn't bother having any actual "cheese" as an ingredient.

Mind, ingredients of all easily-consumed food products have changed drastically over the past 30 years. Things which used to taste yummy are now totally bland, in the name of "healthy" ingredients. I want good old-fashioned oily food!

:flash: <---- Blood-pressure indicator

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Mr. Cat:

I'm with you. A friend of mine goes to Outback Steakhouse and orders Alice Springs Chicken (smothered with bacon and cheese). He adds on an order of fries with cheese and bacon, and calls the whole thing "Heart Attack on a Plate". I could care less. I'm only going through once, and I'm not doing it on bland food!
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WHEN is "enough" TOO MUCH ? ? ? ? I think my Cholesterol Level goes up 20 points everytime I visit The Cat Site!!!

It is now Saturday Noon and I am STARVING!!!!

Damn you, "Chicken in a Biskit!"
:chicken: :chicken:
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I'm right there with you, 3LK! Went shopping yesterday and couldn't get the cracker aisle, canned cheese, et al. out of my head. I came home with a load of goodies I haven't bought in awhile.

Airprincess, are you secretly working for the marketing division of Nabisco?
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I wish b/c then I would probably get free goodies!

BTW, I Alice Springs Chicken!!! that's what I get everytime I go. I don't think I've ever had a steak from there!

now I'm hungry
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