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Welcome Amy!

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Dear Amy,

Thank you so much for agreeing to share your knowledge with us here on TCS. I know there are many elderly cats out there waiting for your advice

Just wanted to say hi and welcome to TheCatSite.com.

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Adding my hello along with my thanks! This should be a great learning forum for everyone! I even have a senior cat question that I will post about in a second.
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Hi Amy! I used to post on the Compuserve Cats forum a lot, and I am glad to see you here! Hello to Seren from me, too!

Sue (aka xirene101, Sue and the kitties)
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Welcome, and thanks for volunteering your time here for us!
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That is great that someone is willing to give us her time for us.

Thank you so much Amy.
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You are truely a gem Amy for coming to help here!

Welcome! and enjoy your stay!

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Hi Amy! Just wanted to thank you for coming to TCS and helping with all of our kitty questions.
Thank you so very much!
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Thanks for joining us Amy - I am looking forward to reading some of your wisdom!
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Thanks everybody!

I'm overwhelmed at such warm greetings -- and Seren(dipity) sends purrrrrrrrrsonal head-bonks, too. *s*

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Thanks for taking the time and sharing your knowledge with us. This makes me wish I had an "older" cat. All of mine are 5 years and younger I will be referring back to these threads in a few years i'm sure
Thanks again!
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Thanks for the welcome, Ginger!

Some of what's discussed here *may* have application to younger cats, too. *s*

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