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July TCS Contest  

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This is a one question contest. Email the answer to me for a chance to win a copy of Amy Shojai's new book Complete Care for Your Aging Cat.

The answer can be found in one of the forums:

What was the name of the oldest living cat on record?

Email your answer to
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Just sent in my response!
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And I just sent mine in also.
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Sent mine too!
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Originally posted by Shell
Sent mine too!
Well your too late....I already won.....LOL Just kidding of course. Wishing you good luck Shell.
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Sent mine!
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sent mine good luck everyone:rainbow:
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Just curious.. what do you do when everyone has the same answer?
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Pull it out of a hat maybe?

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Yep just like I do with the scavenger hunts, the matchitt games, the sliding puzzles and all the rest-

Winner has been announced. The correct answer was Granpaws Rex and the winner was Pollyanna or Sesselja!

Contest is now closed!
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Ah ok, I didnt know how you do any of them actually
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sent and bump!
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And a hint, some of you are looking out of these forums for the answer therefore you are sending the wrong answer. I had to laugh one person wrote "I know this is the wrong answer, but can I win anyway?"

Here is the cover of the book by Amy Shojai, and if you have been lurking in Sharing Golden Moments forum you will know she has a lot of wisdom to share on the subject of aging cats!

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Wow, That's an amazing prize
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bumping........I want this book but I can't play.............
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The forum is now closed to posting but the contest is still alive
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Sent and bump!

What a nice book! Amy was great in the forum, thanks so much for having her here!
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Sent Mine Sure hope I win. That book looks awsome. Good Luck to all.
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I hope I got it right, because this is my first time entering a contest. Just my luck, you guys won't be able to send prizes up to canada

~ Salem
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by the way what's with the bumping?

~ Salem
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bumping means you bump the post up to the top of the forum so more people get the chance to read it, since this is a contest for July .. it needs to get bumped all July.
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And Sam is our Bump Queen!

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Awwwwww! LOL

Why, thank you
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