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Small bumps all over cat

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One of my cats has small bumps all over her. Anyone know what might cause This?
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Hi there,

Can you give us a few more details? By all over, do you means dozens of bumps everywhere, or a few scattered here and there?

Are they raised lumps under the skin and fur? Or are they reddened, sore, hairless, or something else? Could they be wounds from a fight?

What size? Flea size, pea size, or bigger?

When did this develop? Are they itchy or painful?

Are you planning to take the cat to the vet soon? I'm pretty sure everyone here will advise you to do so, even if they can also tell you what is going on!

Keep us posted, please!
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Yeah, you have to give more details. It could be a number of things and it's impossible to know without more info. Actually, with the great number of things it can be I really think you should take her to the vet. It's impossible to get an accurate diagnosis off an internet message board and of course we can't offer any treatment either.

That being said, the most common thing that I've seen causing bumps all over the body is a flea allergy or other allergy. Could your cat have been bitten by a flea?
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A while ago switched cat foods (to special kitty). Bumps seem SMALL and ALL OVER!
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If you want a good answer you really need to give a lot more details. Have you taken the cat to the vet? I bet she's miserable.
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I would agree that a vet visit is necessary. Small bumps could be an allergy to fleas, medicine or possibly food or it could be a pyoderma which is a skin infection.

If it is an allergy to the food often just stopping the food isn't enough. If the cat is really uncomfortable she may need some steroids.

Hope she does ok!

Dr. Marie.
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Max is a 13 year old Maine Coon mix.  He weighs just under 12 lbs and has always been in good health.  Over the past month or so, he is getting these tiny bumps that scab over.  They are random all over his body and head.  He may have 10 or 12 of them.  What do you recommend?

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First of all, I would get him to the vet to rule out something like flea allergy or ringworm.  Then, start looking at what has changed in his environment since he's started having these.  Have you changed food or litter?  Got new carpet or used a carpet cleaner?  If it's not something physical, like fleas or flea allergy, then it's most likely allergy.  Since you mentioned changing his food, that would be my starting point.  Does he scratch them or bite at them?  Does he seem to be in any discomfort?  Lastly, do you brush him regularly?  (Trying to rule out small hair knots.)

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