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New Game to test out- Drop Zone

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Reminescent of Tetris: Drop Zone features some of our member's older cats.

Match up the tiles and just have some fun! Careful though, it is addicting!

Those of you who contributed photos of your cats- Thanks so much!

Drop Zone
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My personal score is 72... I dare you to beat me
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MA, I tried the game in Netscape, and there seemed to be a couple of glitches (when matches didn't work out), but it was fun. But when I got to "Game over" it seemed to freeze the screen, and I had to just use the Back button to get out of it.

When I tried in IE, the arrow buttons didn't work!

I'm sad, because I love tetris, and the cats make it even more fun.

Oh, and it must run really slowly on my computer, because I got to 192 before I let it just finish the game on its own.
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Thanks Sammie, I will let Anne know and see what she has to say.
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Fun!! i'm up to almost 200 but i have things i have to do
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Got an 84 on my first try. I am not quite sure how I managed to get a Game Over, but I know I will be back......
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OK, things seem to be working better, but still painfully slowly. I can get a really really high score by just playing for a long time. Not that I am complaining, I love addictive video games.
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Sammie, which version of IE are you running? It seems to be fine on my IE6.0.

Thanks for the feedback. Do you think it's too hard? too easy? I can set up different speeds and different numbers of rows and columns (the fewer columns the more difficult it it).
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Cool game!
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I'm using IE 6.0 as well, its a new computer (or a 6 month old computer, which is still fairly new). And supposedly a fast CPU.

Its way too easy on my screen. Each tile takes up to 5 seconds to drop. I think that speed options would help. Is there a way that the game could speed up as time goes by? Those are always challenging.

The other thing I found, may be hard to explain. If two identical tiles land next to each other, they disappear. If there are 2 tiles the same touching diagonally, and a third falls to complete the L shape, all three disappear.

If one tile disappears forcing another to drop down into a space adjacent to an identical tile, nothing happens. If a third tile lands beside these two, only one (directly in contact with the new dropped tile) disappears.

However, if a column has a tile sequence a b a, one on top of another, and the middle tile, b, is taken out, you get a column with two identical a tiles one on top of another. Then if another tile the same drops on top of that, all three disappear.

These seem to be minor inconsistencies. I don't know if you can change anything, and its certainly something the player can get used to.

Can you tell I play waaaaaay too many video games?
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I like the idea of making it wider and having the tiles fall a bit faster. Or, speed up as the game goes on, as suggested.
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Neat! I got a 591 just now, my first time playing.
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Wow Viva! How long did THAT take?

Hey Anne, is it possible to let the player accelerate the drop rate with the 'down' arrow?
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Ok, there's an hour and 13 minutes out of my life that I can never get back.....I had to make myself lose at 420. Things were a little hairy around the 52 minute mark. I have a killer strategy going. It needs to go faster. I was clicking over to check email while they dropped.
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LOL Deb! I told Anne they needed to drop faster too. The first one we tested she set at the limit of 100 points! Talk about an endless game! LOL
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After 47 minutes and my bladder almost reputuring, I made it 561!
I was so happy to see my little girl Mimi on there! I miss her so much! BTW, she was the white kitty with a bit of orange on her ears and a tiny little speck on her nose.

Hissy, what happened to my pic's? Just curious!
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I got 89 on my first try
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Shell your pics are in the mail!
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Phew! Now I just got 549 and it took me 38 minutes.I finally lost when I tried to go through a stack of pics. by accident of course.
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Originally posted by Shell
After 47 minutes and my bladder almost reputuring, I made it 561!
How'd you get 561 in 47 minutes? Did I get the super geriatric version on my computer?
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Originally posted by Tamme
Phew! Now I just got 549 and it took me 38 minutes.I finally lost when I tried to go through a stack of pics. by accident of course.
Hey what gives? It took me 75 minutes to get to 420!
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Hmmm...Maybe it's the operator?

No really, maybe it's your computer? I thought I was creeping along for a long time, but towards the end it was getting quicker..or I was just braindead after looking at the screen for so long!
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Geez you make me ashamed about posting about my miserable score of 72

Sammie, I noticed the same about the tile behavior - I guess it's the way the Java applet works. I bought the software so I don't really control what's inside the Java.

As for speed, I can increase the speed, but I think it stays constant throughout the game. Looks like somehow different computers interpret the speed differently. I'll go now and make it faster - hopefully not too fast for those who already have it fast enough
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Ok, the game should be faster now and I also made it one row shorter so the tiles have less rows to fall through. This should make the game harder though - let me know what you think.
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Anne, this is a great improvement. Still not too hard to play on my computer anyway, but fast enough to be a bit more of a challenge.

Its lots of fun too, such cute cat photos everyone!
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Armed only with my killer strategy and what I think is the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrome from being poised on the arrow keys for so long, I tried "the game" again. This time I cut myself off at 1 hour. I got a 498, which seems faster than the hour and 15 minutes it took to get to 420. (Although some of you guys seem to rack up higher scores in less time).

I invoke a challenge in which you post whatever score you receive after 15 minutes of the game. You have to make yourself lose after 15, and nothing after the 15 minute mark counts. (We are all on the honor system here).
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Well, I didn't even make it to 15 minutes. It's much harder now..but I just got outta bed, so my brain isn't working quite right yet!
But after 6 minutes and 57 seconds, I got to 113.
I'm gonna try it later once I've woke up completely!
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I guess it's just my computer that seemed a bit faster, but not much. Or maybe it's my award winning killer strategy....
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And Mary Anne was worried that no one would play for more than 30 points or so
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