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I think Sam's in love

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Sam was never a really active cat. As in, he likes playing games that let him lie in one spot and not move very fast. Bailey scoots around pretty fast, and I when se arrived, it was hard to get Sam any time to play alone. For example, when I throw a ball, Sam reaches one paw for it, Bailey runs over and grabs it.

Now when I play with Bailey, Sam just lies there and watches really intently. I thought he was jealous. So I try to make sure he gets play time without her.

Last night I was playing with Sam with his feather on a stick. He was having fun, and Bailey came by to watch. As usual, as soon as she is there, he just stops, and watches. But I still kept teasing him with the feather. He grabbed it with his paws, flattened it on the floor, and then, pushed it over towards Bailey, and tucked his paws under his chest as if he were done. Then lay there and watched while I played with Bailey.

I am wondering if its instinct for the male cat to defer to the female when there is prey (the feather on a stick), or if he's just in love and likes watching her have fun.
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Opie has always deferred to Rowdy. At the food bowl, he sits back and waits until she is finished. Buddy dives right in next to her, though. We figure that Opie prefers to dine alone.
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hmm good question!! I have only had male cats until now, but we will see what happens with blizzy and stormy grow up alittle!
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Huh . . . that's interesting . . .

Hey, either way, it's cute!!!
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Toes does NOT defer to Tailer--I have to pick him up and carry him away when she needs to eat. But then they act more like sister and brother.
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Poor Spooky! No one defers to her. I think he MUST be in love.
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