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who are the night owls?

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It is 12:45 a.m. here June 28th..I am usually never up this late!! Boy am I gonna regret it in the morning..
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I am here waiting for anne
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It's 2:00 am over here! I am sleep typing at this point! Hope to see you in here tomorrow - LOL!! Off to bed I go!
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Kim - LMAO @ your sig!!!
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I'm very nocturnal. I love the quiet peacefullness of the night, and it's so much more cool that I'd rather be up doing stuff at night rather during the sweltering day.
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I'm not working at the moment, and when that happens, I tend to stay up at night and sleep during the day. Occasionally, I won't get any sleep for 24 hours if I need to do something during the day. I do have chronic insomnia though, which doesn't help whenever I intend to go to sleep!
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I work at home a lot and tend to prefer working at night. However, my department is moving building and come September I am going to change my sleeping /working habits of a lifetime as I won't be able to park anymore unless I am in before 9am!
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I'm here alright the sun is out and shining and I better go and get me some lunch
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I am here, although it´s morning now. I am a huge nightowl, I really like the quiet and calmness of the night. I usually never go to bed before 2 AM, not matter how I try to go earlyer to bed, it´s alway 2.30 again....
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Its 5:40 am, here and I just woke up (not willingly). I wish that we could reset the dogs' bladders to weekend time.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Kim - LMAO @ your sig!!!
Me too! This is the best one yet!
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I used to be because I worked 3-11--now I work early 5am-2 so I'm the opposite.
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Hmmm, I went to bed about 6am this morning... and got up at 8:30am
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Hey Kimward.....what a great signature very original...With sweet faces like theirs, I can't imagine what the are guilty of LOL! I love it.
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Kim I need pix like that. Bill refers to Rowdy and Buddy as "those two criminals".
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Originally posted by katl8e
Kim I need pix like that. Bill refers to Rowdy and Buddy as "those two criminals".
Cindy - LOL!! Criminals???? You mean my boys aren't the only ones? I feel so much better now. Send me their pics and I'll make prisoners out of them for ya... >^,,^<

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Ya know what's sad? It's only 10:15 here on a Saturday night and I'm ready to go to bed. Cripes! I'm only 26, but I swear my body is telling me I'm 86!

Kim, love the sig! You come up with the funniest stuff!
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i love the different time zones, it is 11:22p.m. here in ohio, not yet sun morning, no work tomorrow so i can stay up late
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it's 8:30pm here. Nice and calm. Hubby's at work, woohoo.

Hehe I guess I should clean eh?
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I'm up late... Even though it's a Saturday night and I should be going to bed soon cause I have a big day with church and the fireworks and all.
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Sometimes I think that the owl-part of me is taking over!!!
It´s 4.18 AM now, and I am sssssoooooo tired! I know that my son will wake up at 6.15, so it really would be wise to go to bed (or even a few hours agoþ1), but instead I sit here on the computer.
Am I cracy or what????
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I usually end up with our night shifts, so, I get home at like around 2, depending on how long I stay and talk to the other staff members, and then I usually try to go to bed earlier than 3 or 4. I am getting up anywheres from 10-12:30, so it's not like it's really early, but then I am so tired, and I really need to have energy to work all night long. Before we changed closing times, it wouldl be like 3 when I got home, and wouldn't go to bed til about 4-4:30, when the birds are chirping away b/c it's morning! It's really hard to fall asleep when the birds are sqawking away! Anyways, now, it's like midnite, and I get tired and have to go to bed. I don't necessarily go to bed, I read for a good 1/2 hour usually, before I fall asleep, but I'm in bed. And I think that's where I'm going right :sleep3:
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It's only 10 pm here on the west coast!! Frankie just had his bath and is being dried by the 13 year old. They are becoming buddies.
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I am sitting here melting! 80 degrees at 10:00 p.m.
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I am up late every night since I have been unemployed. I really need a job so I can start sleeping at night.
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I come on here at around 6am in the morning till around 8 and then from 5ish in the afternoon till around 10pm

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I think your cat is calling you
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