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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. CAT, (or should I say "you SLY OLD FOX")

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Joe; All things get BETTER with age, and YOU are LIVING PROOF Happy Birthday,

(seems like you have been finding "Entirely TOO Many" reasons to P-A-R-T-Y
lately. . . . . (for a man of your age and all. . . . )

As the words to the song say.
"How I wish that I'd known THEN what I know NOW (when I was younger)"

Love ya, Cat Man!!!! Many, many, many, more!!!!!! To TOP your parties of late; we're doing "SHOOTERS" in the back room. . . .

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:blubturq: H :blubturq: A :blubturq: P :blubturq: P :blubturq: Y

:blubturq: B :blubturq: I :blubturq: R :blubturq: T :blubturq: H :blubturq: D :blubturq: A :blubturq: Y:blubturq:
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Hope you have a great day! Sorry I don't know how to do any of those cool dancing things!

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Happy Birthday!

Here's to many, many more!

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Hey Joe!

Sorry I don't have any pictures of scantily-cald woman to post for you. You'll have to settle for some good old-fashioned birthday wishes.

How does the song go? "Will you still need me? Will you still feed me? When I'm 64......"
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Thank you, one and all, for your birthday wishes! It's been a rough 24 hours for me, as many of you know, so this thread is like an oasis in the desert!

Since none of you could find any scantily-clad women to bring to the party, I'll have to provide one of my own (so to speak).

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Feliz Cumpleanos, Jose. That was Happy Birthday Joe, in spanish. Should I bring the beer? Or the Tequila?
:afrorainb :angel2:
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HEY YOU 'OLE COOT!!!! (term of endearment, of course)


I would've posed for that scantily clad picture but my beached whale costume is at the cleaners

Here's to many more

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My Best Wishes for a very Happy Birthday. Bye the way how old are you now.
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Thank you, for your kind greetings! By all means, bring both the beer and the tequila!

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I don't know you to well but I hope to get better acquainted with you and the rest of the nuts in the cattery! LOL!
Here's to the of Portland!
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Donna, as you can see I've found a photograph (above) of you from your Riot Grrl days! You were hot! Now, what's all this about a beached whale?

Elinor, I'm 57 years of age today. Such a deal!


P.S.: Guess which board member this is!
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Welcome to the party! Thanks, too, for your birthday wishes! Actually, I'm not the King of Portland. That was just a cover story put out to deflect attention from my real purpose here on Earth. Problem is, I don't know what that purpose is — yet! There's a sealed envelope containing secret orders which I'm supposed to open on the next odd-numbered Thursday (one week from tomorrow). I'll know more then. Stay tuned!

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you are a goof ball! LOL! I enjoy reading everyone's posts here but for some reason, I look forward to yours the most, because they are so intriguing......
I'm glad to be here and enjoy all the help and friendship I have found here.
BTW: Mr Cat...is this you?:vampireL:
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"Rock On", You Old Fart (a term of endearment???) I wonder! You certainly know how to PAR-TAY!!(but I digress. . . . ) Your SECRET is safe with me. However; someone should tell the "Female Impersonaters" in the hallway that they need to Keep it down!

Hey, everyone, Nena 10 brought Jose Quevo!!!!

Who knows how to do "The Mexican Hatdance?"
:dali: :pinky: :pinky:
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Even though I haven't been here long, I have to wish you a happy, fun-filled day, and many, many more to come!!! :flash: :flash: :laughing: :laughing2 :afrorainb :blubturq:
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are still a youngster!!!

By the way....whose picture WAS that back there you posted...I am not very smart to figure these things out!!

Hope you have a great birthday!!!!
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In honor of Mr. Cat, I'll try my hand at some of this Forum Art that is so popular:
:blubturq: Happy Birthday :blubturq:
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I think those female impersonators got the wrong address! I'll go talk to them. They must want that place down the block with the SUVs parked outside. A couple of those "cotton Dockers" types with spectacles perched on their heads live there.

Oh, wait! There's the door bell! I'll get it. You just stay here and party.


"Sure, you can use the telephone!"
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Cool! Yeah, come on in. Oh, Debby, about those gals: the bubble-blowing one is Gel Fling Girl from Hole.Com; I don't know who the one on the lawn is; and the two using the telephone are from Hole.Com as well, but I can't remember their names.

Anyway, they all threw me a throw-down at Hole.Com last night; and, lest you think otherwise, they do know how old (and broke) I am! I've been on that board for ages, so I'm. . . . Geez, there's the door again. I'll be right back!


"Hey! Sam, Melissa, Courtney, Eric! Come on in! Let the live music commence!"
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I'm sorry I missed this post til' this moment. So, another year older, eh? LOL. What day was yours? Mine is on the 17th. I should have guessed that you were a Gemini too.

Well, belated Happy Birthday none the less!

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Hey, Meow Man, welcome to the Gemini Guy Group (The Cat Site Chapter)! Anyway, my birthday took place — so I'm told — on 13 June 1944.

Thanks, everybody, for coming to my party! Good night and good luck.

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You were 22 and 4 days old when I was born! WOOHOO! So, I have to ask, is it true? Does life really start at 40? I hope so, because I'm tired of struggling!
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This is my friend Jessica. She's a natrual in front of the lens, as you can see.
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Hello there! Yes, come right on in! Meow Man is here somewhere. He's told me so much about you! Did you know that blah blah blah blah. . . .

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i feel just awful for not being here for this, please accept my apologies !!! please ?!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :blubturq: :blubturq:

i hope it was the best birthday you ever had !!!
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Hey, you! No apology is necessary! I'm just thrilled to see you BACK!


Yes, I had a great birthday party here; and another great party at Hole.Com with my riot grrrl cyber-buddies!

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Meowman....so Sunday is the big day you turn 35!!!!!! I will be 36 in october....so I have ya beat!!!

Mr.Cat...what is hole.com? Is it a nice place? should I check it out? Or would they think I was too prissy there?
I am curious about it...if they love you as much as we do, they can't be too bad.
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Okay, here's the deal with Hole.Com! First, it's at URL http://www.holemusic.com/. Second, it's a wide-open place. It's like Dodge City back in the old days. There are forums and threads which encompass everything from the meaning of life to fashion.

There are highly-intelligent board members there, extremely intense board members, totally-compassionate board members, shy members, too-many-yards-between-the-goalposts members, insensitive members, et cetera. You MUST have an open mind to spend time at Hole.Com, plus an ability to accept the variety of people who inhabit that web site.

I'm an "old timer" there, but I don't put up a lot of posts the way I did many moons ago. Brooke Barnett is the webmaster, but there's rather a let-it-be attitude toward enforcing philosophical strictures. Flames are not always immediately extinguished, though Brooke will see to it that nothing gets totally out of hand.

Now, it's a very interesting place as far as I'm concerned. I've met some lovely people at Hole.Com, people with whom I now correspond on a regular basis. If I were you I'd go there, sign up and look around. You may find it shocking at first, but if you can bring circumspection to bear I think you'll learn from your visits; and I think you'd subsequently have increased admiration for many of "those young people today" we're always going on about.



P.S.: Here is a photograph of some typical younger Hole.Commies!
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well Joe, I added the website to my favorites list, and as soon as I have time I will go check it out....so if you see a debby posted there, and everyone is flaming or hating me (I hope to God not) please defend me!!!!
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