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Baghdad Bob is back and he's just as funny as ever. In an interview with Al-Arabiya TV, he says that his information came from "many authentic sources" and he stands by his statements.

Such lines as, "There are no American tanks in Baghdad" and "We have defeated the Americans and cut off their heads" provided a bit of comic relief, during the battle for Baghdad.
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I saw that! What a jerk!
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They must grow some potent hashish, in Iraq. This guy is too far out for words.

He now says that his statements were accurate but misinterpreted. How? They were in good, grammatical English.
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i know he is so funny i dont understand how they think i would love to be in his head for 1 day lololo they are to much over in iraq

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Originally posted by lau77
they are to much over in iraq
Baghdad Bob is a hoot. Go to www.welovetheiraqiinformationminister.com for a good laugh. But also, please remember... the majority of Iraqi's are not like Baghdad Bob and the rest of Saddam's Ba'thist. My husband is one of them (the good, majority Iraqi). The majority of Iraqi's appreciate being freed of Saddam. I pray for our troops too and also that things in Iraq will improve quickly. We didn't kill enough of the bad guys during the combat. And the people now need electricity, water and jobs.
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Its impossible, not to laugh at the poor man. He's obviously delusional or in denial.

He had a nice, cushy, relatively safe government job and now he's out of work and probably has no marketable skills. With his lack of credibility and talent for misinformation, perhaps the New York Times will hire him, as a reporter. He seems eminently qualified, for that "news"paper.
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