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14 is a Lucky Number

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We have a new addition! She was literally saved from Death Row by Tybalt this week.

We've named her Phoenix, which seemed appropriate given her circumstances. She's about a year old and was turned in as a stray. They thought she was pregnant, but it turned out she had pyometra and an emergency operation was done to save her life. Nevertheless, since the shelter is sooo overcrowded, she was going to be put down on Tuesday. After all that she'd gone through, we couldn't bear to see that happen.

She's a brown marbled tabby with white, and has the most intense emerald green eyes I've ever seen. She's very vocal and also very happy to be home here with us. She's got a mild URI right now, so she's isolated from the other kitties and on Clavamox for a week. She gives loads of kisses and head bumps. We are very, very lucky to have her in our lives!

She and the other kitties have been crying at each other through the door. I can't wait til they can meet face to face, once she's feeling better!
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Congrats on the new addition! Bless you and Tybalt!

She's gorgeous! Love her eyes!
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She's beautiful! Love those green eyes! She's very lucky!!
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OH that is so wonderful of you to save her life

She's beautiful.
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She is an absolute sweetheart. So very affectionate, and has the cutest trilling meow. Sounds like she is trying to break into song!
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Thank you both for saving her life. She sounds like such a wonderful kitty! She is going to love you furever for giving her a happy home!
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She is beautiful. She is lucky to have you, and I'm sure she knows it.
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She desperately wants to be out with the other cats. I am pretty sure from her behavior that she has been around other cats before this. She did make a brief escape tonight and saw Jules, and let out a LOUD trill of pleasure and some mega purrs! She raced towards him, and poor Jules went running BACKWARDS to get away from her! She followed him to the couch and he jumped up, she looked up at him and went prrt-prrt-prrt! Then I grabbed her and put her back in the computer room LOL.
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Congrats on your new kitty!!!! Phoenix is a beauty!!
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How can ya not love a face like hers? She has beautiful green eyes. You are an for taking her in and saving her life.
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Sue you are a Godsend.... What a beautiful widdle baby. Props to Tybalt for saving her, also.
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Sue she is gorgeous!!! I love her face!!!!!
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You are an angel for saving her life! Congratulations!

She is beautiful! Her eyes are so green!
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THank you for saving her She will love you furrever
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she is just sooooo pretty!
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sue check out your siggie since I host it on my site I could change it with out buggen ya!
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She's pretty. I know how you and Tybalt feel. That's why the Humane Society is off-limits to me.
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She is sooooo pretty. Love her eyes! She is lucky to have found you!
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She is beautiful -- you are wonderful for saving her life. She sounds like she is a wonderful, friendly kitty!
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Thanks, everyone!!! She is just a sweetheart! Right now she is lounging on the windowsill looking out at the squirrels in the yard.

Val, AWESOME!!! Thanks!!!

PS I was working on the shelter's Petfinder page this AM. Pics should be up soon, it evidently takes them a little while to load them into their system. I will be adding more over the weekend, some pups too!
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Mabrook! (congrats in Arabic). She IS beautiful. Looks like she has a nice coat! Sounds like she is going to fit right it too.

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Congrats Sue on getting yet another new addition

She's absolutely gorgeous. I love her name!

What's happening with the aby's? Are you still going to get one? Or wait a while, now you have this little angel.

Love Sam.
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Her face is absolutely precious! : : Congratulations on the new addition!
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