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I got my email! Can't wait until October 1st. The first one that gets through is being told I am on the Do Not Call list. I sure do hope this applies to the ones that start off with, "I'm not selling you anything...".
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I got my email too.
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Got it! Now I won't have to come home to offers for phone services I already have, vinyl siding for a house I don't own, or satellite dishes for which I have no line of sight. The thing that really bugs me is when they hang up and I get that "If you'd like to make a call..." message. I come home to at least two of those almost every day.
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If you check, there are certain companies excluded from the list so THEY CAN STILL CALL:

1) long distance companies (already an annoyance - how did they get excluded?)
2) Airlines (don't know about this one, I don't recall ever receiving a call from an airline.)
3) Banks and credit unions (still will get those daily calls offering their credit cards?)
4) Insurance (still calls about life insurance!)

Political organizations and charities are also exempt.

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I got mine too! If they are going to exclude the ones who call constantly, what is the whole point of having this list?
I think that you should get calls from YOUR credit cards, but not from the ones you don't have. That is the one thing that drives me crazy! I also get a ton of calls from places that want to evaluate my home for new windows, new siding or lawn services. It just gets so old after a while.
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I'm on the Colorado No Call list and I love it! The ONLY exemptions here are charities and political orgs. No calls from phone companies, banks, credit cards, etc. It has truly been wonderful. Seeing all those exemptions, though, what is the point? They excluded all the companies who call, except for the scam artists who don't care about a No Call List anyway!

The only thing that bothers me about this is the timing of the law. Here we are in a big time recession and telelmarketing is a BIG employer throughout the country. So, by implementing this now isn't it going to make the jobless claims rise substantially when we are already in trouble economically as a country?
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The telemarketers associations claim it will affect the employment rates, but the reality is that unless they are selling things they won't be employed anyway. If people choose not to be badgered then the sales people can focus on those that want to be. I have absolutely no concerns for those people that call me all hours of the day, won't listen, don't hear "no", and are, in my opion, abusive and harrassing in their approach.

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"Telemarketers calling to solicit charitable contributions are not covered by the registry, but if you make a request to a specific organization that they not call you, they are required to honor your request. If they subsequently call you again, they may be subject to a fine of up to $11,000." -
It doesn't say anything about banks, insurance companies or long-distance phone companies, but maybe you can also request that you be put on their "do not call" list.
I got an email about two hours after I registered my mom's number on Saturday (she asked me to, since she doesn't have an email address), but a friend had to wait two days (she registered three numbers, so maybe that's why it took longer).
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>>It doesn't say anything about banks, insurance companies or long-distance phone companies,<<

The site has been changed since Saturday and no longer lists all the specific exceptions. Now you have to dig into the regs to find them, but they are still there (and very hard to find in the regs, the federal regs are perfect "put you to sleep" reading.) Here's a link to more information (the exceptions are listed in paragraph 5):

>> but maybe you can also request that you be put on their "do not call" list.<<

Yes, you still can and they are supposed to honor your request.

The early registrants have all taken a couple of days to receive their confirmation emails. As the registrations rate slows down the messages will be sent faster.

Also, beginning in January all telemarketers are required to transmit their number for caller id. They're also supposed to transmit their name (if possible). Currently most block that feature.

There is also a new requirement that should eliminate some of the "hang ups". In our case we get a large number of calls where the caller hangs up as soon as the answering machine clicks in.

The hours of calling are being limited to 8AM to 9PM (we get calls as late as 10pm at times.) The seller is supposed to identify themselves and what they are selling before any sales pitch.

On any given day we get anywhere from 20 to 30 calls from "unknown caller". Even with caller ID, and not answering the phone, it's still a disruption to get up and go over to the phone.

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I wish we had this list in Canada. They always call me during dinner. I always advise them to take me off their list and they are supposed to for a 1 year period of time.
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I probably shouldn't admit to doing this, but it worked. We kept getting annoying calls from a company wanting us to participate in their "lottery-winning system". I asked them six or seven times to stop calling. They naturally kept calling, so I got a whistle and blew it into the receiver (isn't that what you're supposed to do with crank callers?), and they stopped calling. I just wish I could find a way to stop all the "junk faxes".
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no kidding? you blew a whistle into the phone?! that is great!! ROFL

i have a phone number that is somehow still listed in these lists under another name. so i get called twice. when i tell them i am NOT mrs. potter they keep right on talking. if i ordered something, they wouldn't know who the heck they were talking to anyway!!

i kept getting a call from an organization asking for donations and they would not stop calling. they called three times in one week. the sencond call got almost nasty. when i told her no, i didn't want to give $30, she went on to ask if i'd give $20. when i said no to that she very snottily told me "$20 is not that much money".

during the third call i told the fellow that they had called me three times and i would appreciate they not call me again. he said they no record of ever calling me. grrrr...

who was calling me? the state police fund drive. who do you call to complain about that?!
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I thought it would be a good idea to have this list, but for the past few days, I have had a rash of people knocking on my door to sell me crap I don't want. I only have a cell phone, so I don't get calls. This REALLY chaps my buns! I heard on the news that door-to-door sales might pick up, but this is ridiculous!
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Just be careful with the whistle thing. I beleive I read of a case where someone did that, caused hearing damage to the person on the other end of the line and was successfully sued.

As for the junk faxes, that is illegal. Go to for more information. You can sue them for up to $1500 on just the federal law for EACH fax they have sent you. I had been saving the faxes and one day a lawyer from a firm walked in and asked about it. They represent small companies to collect from the junk faxers, and although we haven't gotten any money yet, I do know that they are taking these companies to court.
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Unfortunately, the laws are different over here. The German government has been talking about banning junk faxes, but that's all it has been - talk. Apparently they're "too hard to trace"!A lot of people are also complaining that they're getting "junk text messages" on their cell phones, too.
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They can be traced if you try hard enough! LOL They outlawed them here because the consumer is paying for their advertisement through paper, ink and peripherals on the fax. It may not seem like much, but when you are innundated with hundreds and hundreds per year, even at $0.05 per page (just for paper and ink costs) it adds up pretty quickly.

I hope they change that law in Germany soon. It makes sense that it is not fair to consumers to have to PAY for these jerks to advertise products that we don't want!
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DULUTH, Minn. (AP) - An exasperated resident turned the tables on a company that hounded him with telemarketing calls, calling it more than 100 times in two days.

Marc Plaisted said he started calling Minnesota Auto Glass after the St. Peter-based company's telemarketers called him up to three times a day - even after he asked them not to.

Plaisted had figured the calls would stop when he signed on to Minnesota's "do-not-call" list months ago.

"I'm following the law and asking them to be taken off the list and they ignore me and then, on top of it, start swearing at me," he said. "That was where they flipped the switch with me and I said, 'Enough is enough. I'm going after you guys now."

Plaisted started calling the Minnesota Auto Glass's Duluth office last Thursday, and placed more than 100 calls, he said.

"I just called them every five minutes and let them know that, no, I don't have a crack in my windshield, because this seems to be something they are very concerned about," Plaisted said.

A Minnesota Auto Glass manager in Duluth said Plaisted's number had been removed from its list and that proof of the removal would be put in writing.
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Good for him.
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I LOVE that! Reminds me of the bit on an episode of Seinfeld where he told the telemarketer he was busy, but to give him his home number and he would call later. When the telemarketer said he didn't like getting calls at home, Jerry said, "Well, now you know how we feel!" and hung up!
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