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'Caption This' Poll Results

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I always get curious as to the final results in the 'caption this' polls. Especially when I'm really rooting for a certain caption(mine or not). Can you guys post the final results along with the final caption in the winner thread?
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My best advice to you would be to keep an eye on each specific poll. They are each open for 5 days (4 for tiebreakers). I'd love to give you a specific rundown of the results, but honestly, it would take a great deal of time to re-copy and re-paste all the captions in rach winning thread. It takes me about 30 minutesa day to keep up with the forum to begin with. When I am working, sometimes that is the only thing I can do in the evening. Sorry, GA. Maybe when Anne gives me a pay raise.....
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oh...well what I had thought u could do is close the poll but make it still show up. I do that on my Yahoo Group. Members can see the poll results and it's a closed poll so no more voting can take place. I guess thats not possible on this site. Odd how technology works huh...lol. Oh well...hey you should get a raise though
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Hmm.. you cant see the votes on a closed poll?

I thought vboards allow that option

lol @ pay raise
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Yes, you can see the results on a closed poll, but you have to catch me before I create the winner's thread and delete the poll. During the school year, you have a pretty decent chance of that because I don't get online until the evening. During the summer, I am on top of my game in the morning.

What lol? I thought I was going to become stinking wealthy off TCS!
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Ohhh I forgot about the deletion

hey tell me about it.. I get paid in nothing but "drama" on my site lol
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hmm....darn. So much for my poll results curiosity.
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Sicy...why are we whispering?
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Oh wow you two......HA HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA you just got me laughing majorly...HHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Thanks...*tries to relax face* HAAAAAAAAAAAAA*laughs more* Ok I give up...HAAAAAAAAAA (non stop laughing)
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LOL Deb and Sicy- it's a thankless job isn't it?
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So very thankless..


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I NEVER RAISE MY VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Deb, Hissy..

You have my thanks for giving your time to our forums and our website. This place just wouldn't be the same without you guys, and I VERY much thank and appreciate you!
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