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What a doll Mike is

I hope the kittens are OK Sam.
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The kittens' world is branching out, I brought them into the front room this morning to meet and greet a bigger world-
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Oh my, they are precious! Do they stick together when the go exploring? I love watching the kittens at PetsMart, they seem to want to be touching each other all the time. I just wonder if kittens from the same litter who bond like this remain friends if they aren't separated.
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What precious angels they are! I'm so glad Blink is feeling better. They couldn't have asked for a better life than when you stepped into their lives.
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Wow! Those 3 are absoultely adorable

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I want them all! LOL I love their markings on their head - so precious!
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Adorable little Pixie faces!
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What absolute angels those babies are. I am glad that Blink is feeling a little better. I hope that she continues to get better.

Wow your Hubby is a sweet guy. Wannna trade??? JK
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Sooooo cute.....
How's the poor kitty?
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They are so adorable! Is Blink's little bottom doing better?
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She still stays apart from the others, less outgoing, doesn't like to jump down off of things, but loves to climb. I end up just taking her down and putting her on the floor lots of times. She doesn't really scamper, she sort of lurches... But she is eating and interacting with us on a daily basis now, she loves Mike's chest and lays on it and plays with his beard! I hope the vet is right that she will grow out of this. If not, I will take her in and get her x-rayed and see if they can find anything they can fix.
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Aww poor thing. I will be sending prayers up for her in wishing her a quick recovery. You're the best thing for her MA! And I would LOOOVE to see more pictures. You can email em if ya want. Those three are absolutely addicting!
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Little charmers. I hope Blink makes a complete recovery.
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Just seeing this now MA.

Glad to hear Blink is better... here's hoping for a continuous recovery.

Love the pictures!
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Cuteness Overload!!! Look at those sweet faces!!!!!!

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They are so cute! Looks like they are having fun! They are so lucky to have you looking out for them!
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Hissy in the first picture you posted today, which one is on the far right? Is that Blink? It made me grin and wonder because of the 'sparkle' in her eye
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The recent pictures are just gorgeous MA

Thanks for helping them!
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Yes, that is Blinkers!
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Oh my gosh they are soooo cute!!!!!!!
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