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Please send up some prayers for Blink

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She is crashing- not sure whyon way to vet will let you know
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Prayers, hugs, good vibes, be well, be safe, and anything else I can think of coming your way!!!!!!

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OMG of course - kitty prayers coming her way!!!
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All of us here, human and feline, are sending prayers and get-well-Blink vibes!!!!
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Good thoughts and happy purrs coming your way, MA!
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Blink started going downhill this morning. Laying apart from her sisters and not eating, she would try to use the litterbox but was unsuccessful. I watched her with growing concern and when she spiked a fever, off we went.

Apparently she has been struck by something or someone and her back end is bruised and sore. The vet said the injury occurred very early in her life and he is hoping with time she will grow out of it. She also was lousy with parasites, so all the kittens (I took everyone in) got wormed again. She got a kitty enema and I was given instructions to watch her to be sure she doesn't bind up again.

She has a funny way about her when she walks, before she sits down, she stretches her back legs way out in front of her and plops to the ground, then she wiggles back and forth like a dog does with impacted anal glands. The vet said movement of any kind back there must be causing her pain. She is really to young to put on any type of meds, and so she is on my watch.

Thanks for your prayers and positive thoughts- those were a few scary moments this morning.
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BTW all the kittens are females. Here's Noddy
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I'm so glad Blink's going to be OK! Poor little baby.

BTW - Noddy's beautiful.
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Aww poor little sweetie
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Oh..wow...I was really scared for a minute! Thank God that she's ok and hope that she gets even better soon!
Sending lots of get well kitty vibes from me and the 3 amigos!
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awwww poor little one!!! Lots of bootie feel better vibes coming her way! I wonder if one those awful people hit her Poor little girl!! she is very lucky to have you!
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I'm glad she'll be ok.
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my prayers are with you and your little one, i hope she gets better soon, was she a stray kitten? not sure i rem. seeing that or not, some nut must of been mean to her, darn stupied people, your a for taking such good care.
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Prayers continuing here for the wee darling!
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Hope everything will be o.k. and she will recover soon! Poor baby!
She will be in my thoughts!
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healing kitty vibes for the babies!!!!!!!!
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I hope gets better soon.
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Hope she's better soon. Healing vibes coming her way. Noddy is precious.
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I am glad she is going to be ok!!!!
Noddy is just adorable as ever!
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Awww. Poor thing. Those cats were given the best life possible when you walked over there and talked to those kids. I'll be praying for her, and hoping she can get better. I'd hate to have her in pain for a long time. They're all precious.

Please keep us posted on how they all do, especially her. My heart was stolen the moment you posted pictures of them.
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Before the vet visit
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Here's Wink
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And here is Blink hours AFTER the vet visit
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Oh my goodness look at the little tummy, I wanna tickle it sooooo baaad. Please tickle it a little for me Hissy.
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I had such a rotten day today that Mike went out and got me a digital camera! love that man!
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He looks great.

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Hissy, sounds like you captured an angel when you married Mike. Sometimes I think Craig needs to take a few lessons from him!
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MA, I think I love your husband too, and I haven't even met him!
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Just in the pictures Blink looks better. Here's thoughts of continual healing and health.

(((((Blink))))) I wish I could really hug her--I miss little furry bodies.
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I'm just seeing this now. Poor little Blink! I hope she's feeling somewhat better. And all the kittens are adorable. I'm glad Mike got you that camera.
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