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two at the present time. I just found an abyssinian at a rescue in my area that I might adopt. I have to convince the P's though. The two cats I have now are both aby mixes. The new one I want to get is a purebred female aby. The two I have have to live in seperate parts of the house because one is soo timid that she practically invites otherwise friendly cats to attack her! She refuses to stand up for herself and runs. The other cat I have was the subordinate female in a different house with a different owner. Now, she has learned that my older cat is afraid, and SHE has become the dominant one. My mother won't allow my older cat to be bullied and afraid, so she makes me keep the other one in the basement apartment where I spend most of my time. I really, really, ENVY any cat person who can successfully intergrate MORE than one cat in a household. It has never worked for me. I would like this third cat to either be strong enough to stand up to Lily, or so timid that she will back down to Blondie. I am not holding my breath though. Hopefully this new cat will adjust to one of my cats or the other.
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You mean I'm supposed to have a limit??? Hmmmm. I guess it depends as to how many kittens I can find good homes for. I don't allow just anyone to keep one of my babies!

I hope to begin rescue as soon as I can clean and A/C the garage.Oh and get all the county paperwork done too!
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5, but right now I have 4. I have two 11 mo. old siblings, male and female (Angus and Phoebe) and just recently adopted two kitties, Cheddar and Roscoe, both male. The bad news is that I adopted them from the Humane Society and I can't quit going to their website, seeing kitty after kitty that I am aching to adopt and remembering all those sweet little faces and beings that need a home! My husband says 4 is enough, but I am thinking just one more! Just one more! Maybe I can convince him when he returns from a month of work away from home and he meets these two new ones. I am relatively new to the world of kitties. I had dogs before and I can't imagine going back any time soon. One large puppy is probably equivalent in work to about 6 kittens, less the noise and chewing. With my two young boys (ages 5 and 8), I'd say 5 kitties would be all I could have right now. When the boys are older though...
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We have 8 , 10 is definite maximum
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Spike has determined my limit to be one. Whatever I have to do to keep him happy...
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Originally posted by jgaruba
Spike has determined my limit to be one. Whatever I have to do to keep him happy...
LOL! Spike's a smart boy! More toys for Spike!

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My limit is certainly more than the five we have now. We will be getting two kittens in July and a further kitten in the autumn, but I guess that will be it for a long while unless my other half changes his mind.

I guess in order to give them all the best love and attention that I can bearing in mind I have job and a child, I think six is probably a sensible limit for me! I know that the arrival of three kittens is taking us over this limit, but this is very unusual for us and was prompted by the loss of Bramble recently. Although we can never replace such a wonderful, incredible cat, the kittens are something to look forward to and to think about. I can't wait!!
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four. Monday I got one step closer to that number. I just adopted a sweet, very overweight, 7 yr-old purebred ruddy abyssinian(F). That makes cat number three. I have waited half my life for an aby and finally got one through a rescue. I think I will have to stop at three as my parents will kill me if I get any more! I live in my parent's home and my mom does have slight allergies to shorthaired cats. Siamese just wipe her out! any tips from all of you multicat owners on how to integrate this new aby to one that is kind of a bully? I also have an older cat that lives upstairs with my folks. She has been introduced to several different cats (both dominant and submissive) and NONE have gotten along with her. They chase her because she plays the victim and runs and hides no matter what cat she is exposed to. So even the submissive ones learn quickly to dominate her. My mother is very partial to my oldest cat and will not allow any cat to dominate her and have her live in fear. My new aby will not be around her, just the other more dominant one that lives with me in my apartment. I will try and introduce Holly to Lily in a couple of days but I am dreading the fights that will probably occur. Will I be in for bloodshed? WWIII?
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Good for you on rescuing a cat.

I think that introducing cats when there is a dominant one requires lots of patients and some planning on your part. I have introduced several older cats, but fortunately have never had any problems, but I have been told that if you are at all concerned then you have to take it step by step.

Start with putting the new cat, inside a basket, in the room where the established cat is. This will allow the older cat opportunity to get used to the smell of your new cat without either of them being able to hurt eachother. Preferably the basket should be one where they can both see eachother. Gradually increase the time that you expose the cats to eachother, and then the next step would be to try putting them both in the new room together with you supervising.

I have also heard that Feliway is good when introducing new cats. It is a cat pheromone spray, which you can put on both cats so that they like the smell of eachother, and this can make the introductions easier.

Let us know how you get on!
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I have 8 strictly indoor cats! As far as limits- just what others have mentioned- as long as you can afford the responsibility of them (spay/neuter, shots, vet bills, etc) then you can have as many as your income allows. Ha, or in my case- how many the hubby allows. =) I'd have more but I already have about 1k worth of bills coming up from various things my cats need. I rescued 3 kittens and they will need to be fixed soon as well. There's ALLOT to taking care of cats but when you're a cat lover, it's all very worth it. =)
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I think I am at my limit of 7 right now!!!
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I would love to have more kitties. I would be ok with 3 or 4 but Reilly hates other animals so I will respect his wishes and keep him as my old child
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Since I want my cats to have around 2000 sq. ft. to roam indoors, not including rooms they're not allowed in, closet space or walls, each, I would say 2 is my limit now. In the future, I don't think I'd ever have more than 4 unless they were a family already because I don't want to force them to live in a pack like a doggie.
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Ha, there are no rooms my cats aren't allowed in - in fact, there pretty much aren't any rules for them to abide by! =) I have a 1900 sq ft home and they have free reign to everything and do awesome together- they're all a big family- definitely not living like a "pack like a doggie". They all groom each other, play with each other, and respect each other. It's great and I couldn't be happier (well, I could- by having even more but I'm about at my limit as well).

Originally Posted by Purr
Since I want my cats to have around 2000 sq. ft. to roam indoors, not including rooms they're not allowed in, closet space or walls, each, I would say 2 is my limit now. In the future, I don't think I'd ever have more than 4 unless they were a family already because I don't want to force them to live in a pack like a doggie.
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I haven't reached mine yet..will let you know, though.....
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My limit woulD have to be four

At the moment though I can only have Eli and Ari since I live with my mom. When I get my own place it will probably be pretty small and I wouldnt get more kitties, but if I find a larger place that allows four kitties (or buy a house or something) then I will get four. Around here there aer alot of places that say "no pets" and definitely even if they do say pets, they dont want more than one dog or two cats.
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As many as "follow me home"... Seriously likely 6-10 when Kandie passes , Zoey si a social girl ... Kandie tolerates Zoey and hopefully will accept one more..
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3 mommy and daddy dont want no more fuzzies :-(
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Hehe cool bumping a thread from two years ago! 10 is still my limit we currently have six
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i can only afford one when you think about the vet bills, if the company works out good i hope to get another one at the end of the year or early next year.
but i would take in any kitten that i found lost.
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Two Cats are my limit.
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Not too long ago I would have said 3, but now I have to say 4!
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Money and space, I could definitely have more, but allergies make my limit one. She gets the love and attention of about 10 cats.
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That's a good way of putting it as well. =)
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Our self imposed limit is 3, but it's soooo hard to keep to, you know? but every time i look at the little tortie kittens held up for adoption by second chance at the pet stores, Jason says "remember, if you get another kitty, you have to give one of ours away" and that stops right there.I know that if we ended up with 4 he'd not make me give one away, but it's good reinforcement.
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Right now my limit is two. Both space wise and financially. I live in a one bedroom apartment so not a lot of room. And I'm planning to move back home with my parents next year so I think three will be their limit. They have one and I have two.

Once I get done saving up for a house and buy one though? I think four is a nice number.
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I'd love to have another young cat to be friends with Pete, because he pretty much drives "the girls" crazy, but, for financial reasons, three has to be my limit. I know I can responsibly care for three on my budget and want to keep it that way.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Not too long ago I would have said 3, but now I have to say 4!
do i ever get that - last fall, at this time i would've said 2 was my limit. then Cable came into our lives, & it was 3. then Mouse went to the bridge, & it was back to 2, with no plans for another... till Java showed up, & friendly & homeless. i have no plans for more - my house is too small!
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Two is my limit. Plus however many outside cats want to land here. Plus a few temporary fosters...you know, keep it flexible. But two is a good number for me financially and regarding litterbox duties .
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My limit *was* 4 cats.

Then I moved into a bigger house. I then took in 2 more unwanted (older) cats!

And now, well 6 is definitely my limit. My hands are VERY full and with 4 of my 6 being over the age of 12, the Vet bills this year so far have been really putting a dinger on my wallet. (but it's worth it... I love them)
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