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What is your kitty limit?

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how many kitties do you feel comfortable taking care of fulltime?

Right now money and space wise, I'm comfortable with 8 inside and 4 outside. So i have space for one more in (hopefully we are getting the black kitty from the vet!!) and for one more to wonder up outside or hopefully sherbert to come back!
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My limit is apparently 1 3/4.
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my limit now is pretty much 0 since I am not permitted to have cats where I live right now, but since roxy adopted me i can sneak one around pretty good but he is outside most of the time. I am however planning on moving soon then he'll be indoors fulltime and depending on what kind of space I have I'd probably be happy with at most 5 kitties, tho i can see me taking on a lot more if they are in need..
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Due to allergies 2 is my limit right now- but I love them so much I'm hoping that will change. I'm looking into solutions to the allergy problem, so that hopefully one day we can have another kitty or two. I think that setting allergies aside, 4 would be my financial and time constraint limit.
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Mine is certainly more than I have, but Squirt's limit is 2.
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I don't know! Right now we have four inside pets (feral rescues). We're fostering one little girl we can't keep because we're at our limit inside - just spacewise, not desire-wise. We care for a colony of about 11 ferals outside, though none of them are social.

Ideally, we'll settle down in a home (not motor!) that has a good piece of property. Then I guess it would be up to the law to determine....
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I have 2 cats now.. I think 4 or 5 cats are my limits.
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Unfotunately my Loki has determined my limit - 1 - he just won't tolerate another cat. Tried that!

Personally the more the better! But that will have to wait - I do have to respect Loki's wishes otherwise we all would be misserable.
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I am at my limit now- and Karma will be going to a new home at the end of the summer, so that is good.
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Well, I have 13 totally indoor kitties PLUS 5 foster cats (a mom and 4 8week old babies). So I'd say that I am AT my limit. Although I'd dearly love to keep one of Bonnie's kittens.
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I have 4 cats, and one stray cat. But I want at least 10 cats.
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Right now I have way more cats/kittens than I should (around 28)...they had kittens..before I became convinced of spay and neuter and also because I didnt want to let them be taken to the pound.(go to www.geocities.com/gothic_amethyst/cats.html to understand how many I have and stuff so I dont have to take up alot of space explaining in the forum).

BUT I could never have to many cats. I love them so much and they are all so interesting, intelligent, funny, um...ok I just REAAALLY love cats....anyway the way I see it is if u can fix them and have the money for food and all vet needs than there should be no limit. Especially with sooooo many that need homes!!
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We-ell...we had 13 cats until today, now there are 14. I will be posting a thread on our newest addition with some pics later tonight.

I would say we are at our limit, but if there was a cat in desperate need, I know neither of us would say no. Plus, I want an Aby sooo much, if one came along, I would absolutely take him/her!
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i have 2 cats but if my husband would go along with 2 more i would have 4, i think that would be alright, now if i had lots of money and a BIG house i would have 6 or 8
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2 cats is my limit.
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I'm not so sure that I even have a limit. I have had up to 15 at one time that stayed outside. We kept adopting strays. I have loved and still love every single one of them.
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I have one cat now. Two would be my limit.
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I have 2, and that is my limit, at least for now. My apartment is pretty large, but I don't think large enough for more cats. And my checkbook isn't large enough either. I would love to have 4 or 5 cats and a dog or 2, but it is not possible right now.
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Two kept me pretty busy when I was by myself, but 3 when we were a family of 4 wasn't enough (need one for each person, I think).
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My limit right now is 5! When I move out I will have no limit. I love cats, and I'll probably be owned by 22 when I live in my own house! If I have enough money that is!
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Bill says that we are maxed out, at 3. I have had as many as 6, at one time. Somehow, there is always enough room and money. I'm staying away from the Humane Society, though.
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2 is actually my limit, but I have 3, and I had 4 before poor Leo died. My s/o gripes and groans every time I bring in another one, but he just cannot resist a cat. A tiny, crying kitten just melts him.
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We have 7 indoor cats, and that's the limit.... Maybe when we get a bigger house in the next few years.
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well, I have 2 right now with 2 dogs. I think that is my limit in the house. I have had as many as ?10 outside. When I moved to the farm I moved an orange tabby momma and 3 kittens that were carbon copies. That was before I did the spay/neuter thing. We had kittens all the time. Last year I was down to one and I couldn't let him in cause he was into everything. Then he got in the way of my car and I didn't have any.now I am back in the kitty business but they are all fixed.
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Originally posted by Melissa
Due to allergies 2 is my limit right now-
Have you tried any of the products on the market for allergies to cats? I'm allergic to cats but haven't had any trouble since using "Allergy Relief For Cats." It's a liquid and you put it on a cloth and rub it in the cat once a week or so. Plus I use a nasal spray for allergies called Rhinocort. Of course, everyone reacts differently but it's a thought.

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Unfortunately four is my limit..... My husband said if I bring anymore home that they had better have papers........ Divorce papers, LOL!!
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If I "just happened" to bring another one home, Bill grumble and then spoil it just as rotten as the rest.
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I think my kitty limit may go up by one tomorrow, I just found an Abyssinian on Petfinder that is only a little more than an hour away. Some of you might know I have been looking for one for a while; I won't buy one, I want to rescue one. This guy is at a shelter in South NJ. Wish me luck!!!!
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