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How Do You.....

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find homes or fosters... besides posting here?

I've posted at www.petfinder.com, and I'm in the process of registering as an organization at www.pets911.com so that we can post there...

...and obviously, we're hitting the bricks in our area with physical posters (we've been through THIS process before )...

but where else on line are pet adoption/foster pages? Anybody familiar?

We have to resort to this because the no-kill shelters around here are always full.

Obviously I'll be doing some searches, but I thought there might be a few of you with quick answers at hand.


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I know there is a no kill shelter in south NJ. I think it is called ron's animal shelter. I'm not sure if they are full or not though If my hubby gets that new job and we can get out credit cards paid off and the chicken coop down we will be able to handle quite a few foster. but that won't be for awhile.
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Try posting an ad in your newspaper.
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Our local Humane Society has its own web page. It will post pictures for people who foster. That is how Caruso's new mom found out about him.

Perhaps your local Humane Society or SPCA will post pictures for you since you are fostering these cats rather than turning them in for their care (and euthanizing). Also, I have become friendly with the local group who takes cats to PetsMart every weekend. Because they know of my TNR work, they have offered to let me include the socialized ferals in their adoption fairs. I haven't taken them up on it yet, because I don't want to give up control over who gets to adopt "my" fosters!
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Laurie, I'm looking at the same problem here. I've got a few ideas I want to discuss with the shelter manager, such as adoption days at the mall, at local pet stores, and at the town fair.
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We've already talked to the local no-kill shelters. I really hate all of them! They're so overcrowded and overworked around here, they're really nasty. I mean in general, not just because they won't let us participate. They have so many cats of their own they won't let us pony on their adoption days.

I will look into the local Humane Society and/or SPCA adoption days (kill shelters in these parts), but I expect we'll get the same treatment from them. But it doesn't hurt to try! We all grew up with this one, didn't we? If at first you don't succeed, try, try AND TRY again!

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...but thanks for the suggestions!

...and I'd forgotten all about an ad in the paper. Of course!
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