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Hi..........I'm new

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Hello. I am new to The Cat Site. My name is Nikki and I have one cat and two dogs. My cat's name is Callie, she is a mixed breed, short haired cat. One of my dogs is a pomeranian, his name is Harley. My other dog's name is Peach and she is a American Pit bull. My question that I would like to ask is can you move a kitten's liter box? I have had Callie for like a month and had her liter box in the bathroom, where she slept for like a week or so. Now I would like to move it. I had to put her in the bathroom at night so that her and Harley could get use to each other. Please help!! Thanks, Nikki
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Hi Nikki,

Welcome to the site! I'm new here as well and have enjoyed getting to know everyone in the last couple of days.

I think the answer to your question is yes, you can move the litter tray. I wouldn't move it all in one go though. I would gradually move it from where it is now to the new place - just moving it a little bit every few days.

I hope some of the others come up with some other suggestions for you, but I have successful moved litter trays in this way in the past.
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welcome to the site!!
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welcome to the site I hope we get to see pictures of your fur babies soon
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Welcome to the cat site! It's great here! My name is Heather and I have two cats, Maddie & Tybalt. We've moved out litter boxes before and they do fine with it. I would just move it, and constantly show him(or is it her?) where the new spot is. Happy posting!

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Welcome! Got pics? We'd love to see your babies!

I've moved the litter box around before and Peaches has done fine. I just have to show her where it is!

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hi there, i think you will like it here the people are very friendly, happy posting
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Welcome to the site! Honestly, pit bulls are one of my favorite breeds of dogs, they are so friendly and loyal and have just gotten a really bad rap from the media.

In answer to your question, yes you can definitely move the litterbox. Depending on how well Callie is adjusted to your home, you *could* try just moving it, but if she's nervous at all you may find some accidents. Personally, I would take Daisy's advice and move it little bits each day until it's in the preferred place, so it isn't too much of a change all at once for your kitty.
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Hi Nikki, welcome to the board! Hope you enjoy it here!
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Welcome Nikki
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hi nikki....
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Hi! Welcome to the site

I can attest to moving the litterbox a little at a time- I tried to move my kitties' box from one room to another all at once and even though I showed them where it was, my kitty Gibbons decided he didn't like the change and peed all over my clean laundry I ended up moving it about 4 feet a day over the span of a week , and he was fine with that. Good luck
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hi, Nickii. Yes you can moce the litter box. I might say an easier way than calling Callie a x breed would be to call her a dsh (domestic Shorthair).
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