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Do you make your bed?

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Just curious if anyone else has the same problem.... Do you avoid making your bed so that you do not disturb your sleeping cats?

I can't possibly make my bed when this is happening:

WHOOPS! I Almost Disturbed him.......

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Its hard to make my bed at home as well.

Do you sleep with a basket on your bed Kim?
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YES! I do not make the bed because of the cats! Before I got the cats...? Uh, I knew I was getting cats someday, so I was, uh, preparing for them... by not making the bed! That's it!
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LOL what cute pics

If Zoey is on the bed I wont make the bed. Making my bed only consists of straightening out my comforter anyway
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Not only are mine on the bed a lot, but when I try to make it, Squirt always 'helps'. No help whatsoever.
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!!!!!! But Kim... making the bed is such a fun game!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Its hard to make my bed at home as well.

Do you sleep with a basket on your bed Kim?
My son brought the basket out for GoGo to sleep in... GoGo hasn't fit in a basket since he was a wee wittle guy...LOL!!

LDG: Fun game? Only if I make my bed wearing Pot Holders, LOL!!

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I use that as a excues not to make my bed!But I can only get away with it if the cat are on the bed at that time!
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Sometimes I will wait until my cat has moved off the bed before I make it up. My cat likes to help me make up the bed.
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I don't have a bed. The cats let me sleep in theirs. And if they want the bed made, they can darn well make it themselves. If they want me to make it, they better let me have more than 1/4 of the bed to sleep in.
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Yep Yep Yep! Very hard to make my bed with kitty on it. See below! Now how could anyone disturb that cute little baby?

Slave to Peaches
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Sammie5, that's too funny!

Kim - thankfully, they attack the waves in the sheets and not our hands!
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No, I don't make my bed, but I'll admit it's because I'm lazy I toss and turn at night anyways, so what's the use? When Ivo sleeps on the bed, she sleeps at the head, up by my pillow. OK, so the pillow is always in the right position....
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I try to make my bed when the cats aren't looking. They like it when I make the bed, but don't like to let me do it in peace. When I get it made, they pile up on it. If I don't make it, they sleep on any clothes on the floor. If there aren't any, the drag some out of the hamper.
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Make the bed? what is that? LOL! I can't even put the covers back ON the bed, if S/O has dropped them on the floor, if there is a cat anywhere on the bed. Isis and Luna would freak if they were caught under the covers! for some reason, they do NOT want anything to do with that. So in answer to your question, no it doesn't get made! LOL!
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I don't make the bed, not because the cats are there, I just don't make the bed. And usually Dan is still sleeping when I leave for work, so he doesn't make the bed, either.
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OMG!!!! How adorable!!!!
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I didn't even answer the, i don't make beds...
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It depends on what day of the week it is. Monday through Friday, Snowball gets up early and I make the bed.

On the weekends I don't have to work, Snowball likes to sleep in...on my bed of course. And there's no way I'm going to disturb him JUST so I can make the bed!!!!
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Not when my cats are around and not when my stepson is around. Both have to jump into the bed and play with the covers when I'm trying to make it.
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Well I feel much better knowing that I am NOT the only one using cats as an excuse not to make the bed, LOL!!

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Making the bed???? What is that???

Seriously, though we change the sheets, once a week but neither of us is into bedmaking. Last Christmas, when my parents were here for dinner, I made the bed. Guess I'll have to do it again, next Christmas.
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I do make our bed, and when Craig is the last out of it he makes it. However it is always an interesting process because Jake insists on sitting on the floor and as soon as we get the blanket situated right he dives onto the bed. Literally dives like an olympic diver with his front two paws together and out front. So he can get those under the covers and push the covers from one side of the bed to the other. Then he gets back down on the floor and watches as I try to fix it and remake it. Rinse and repeat.

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I didn't even know making the bed was an option! I never disturb Spike if he's sleeping on the bed, and if, perchance, he isn't on the bed, he MUST help me in the bedmaking process.
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LOL I have 4 cats asleep on my bed at the moment. I have two bedrooms a very big one and a medium sized one, one has a King sized bed which is nice after a hard days work and one has a single bed which is so soft and "yummy", I make my bed before I get into bed strange huh? But I hate it when the sheets are slinking at my feet ..LOL

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