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job finding services..

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Has anyone ever used on of these, where you pay like $100 for them to hook you up with a ton of employers? I know one guy who did this and it worked out well for him, but I'm skeptical.. Has this worked out for anyone on here? The one I'm looking at is partnered with a big name so I'm not too worried about it's authenticity, just concerned about what kind of jobs they set people up with and if people are happy with the results.. tia
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I used a couple of free services. I know that Tucson HelpWanted.com won't help but Monster.com might be good.
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My fiancee is trying to get into one of those services too..I was worried and asked my grandma..she said one of her sons did and got a great factory job and is now (this was yeaaars ago) making alot of money thanks to that. You should be carefull with those companies though...you never know who u can trust anymore. I've been told by workers around here to forget multiple applications at a place and to just put in one and go to the office and tell them u need a job reaaaaly bad and will do anything. Thats what my fiancee and I are gonna try...we both need jobs bad. Good luck. I'll send u vibes and prayers if u will for us *Good luck vibes and prayers*
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