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Scared-Shoulds Fluffy Get FIV Test?

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Should Fluffy get tested for FIV? He is 7-8 weeks and was born outside to a wild mama. He's such a sweet little kitty and i'm scared to think that he might have it
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all my wild kitties tested neg for it. I would have him tested just to put your mind at ease but more then likly he will test neg
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Our cat was born (inside) to a mother who had been out on the streets for a while and captured by a humane society. I had him tested, and he was FIV negative. We had previously taken in an approximately 8-year-old, uncastrated feral, and he was also negative. I'd get your kitten tested, just to be sure. FIV is a much bigger problem in Japan and Australia than it is in North America or Europe, so chances are Fluffy will test negative. Other tests to think about are FeLV and FIP, which I'm sure your vet will advise you about because of the vaccinations.
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You really need to get him tested - I know it's scarry but chnaces are very good that he is just fine.

The last set of kittens incl. feral mom all tested negative.

So, relax - you need to know!
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It would be a good idea to test for FELV and FIV. I also want to add that if by chance it came up positive for either, you want to re test when they are over 6 months old. It's common for a test to come up positive because if they were exposed they may have the antibodies, but then by the age of 6 months, they aren't infected anymore.
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You suggested testing for FIP. I had a kitten who died from FIP a few months ago, and the vet and just about everything I've read said that there is no reliable test for FIP. There is a test that will show if the cat has been exposed to the virus, but it's not very helpful because something like 80% of all shelter cats have been exposed, and exposure doesn't necessarily mean that the cat will develop the illness. Anyone else care to comment? I'd like to adopt again, and if there really is a test for FIP, I would want to test any possible adoptee before bringing him or her home. I have another cat at home who so far, thankfully, doesn't seem to be sick.

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There is no reliable test for FIP. The test simply tests to see if the cat has been exposed to any type of coronavirus. It doesn't differentiate between the lethal & non-lethal varieties. I personally don't bother with an FIP test. My rescue has had a cat die from FIP that lived with 2 other cats in the same room when it started coming down with symptoms but the other 2 cats never even got sick. But I definately would recommend the FIV/FeLV test. Oh also, even if a mother cat has FIV, most of the time the babies won't have it. From what I understand and from what I've seen it very rarely passes in utero.
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I know several people who have adopted kittens or cats that have infected their other, previously healthy, cats with FIP, which was one reason why I had our cat tested when he was adopted. As it was, he continually attacked our older cat, and the two had to be kept separated for three years, until the older cat died. FIP is a major problem in our area (over 20 deaths last year in one small town). Although the FIP vaccine is far from 100% effective (60% is the lowest I've heard), IMO it is better than nothing. The FIP vaccine (nasal drops) is only administered to cats with 0 titers (at least here), so the test is necessary if you want the inoculation. The vaccination is highly controversial, but people I know who've lost nonvaccinated cats now say that they will vaccinate all future cats when possible. Our cat only goes outside on a leash, but there are far too many free-roaming cats here (many of whom are neither vaccinated nor fixed) to take a chance on exposure.
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