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Friday DT

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I'm taking the day off from work today because we are going camping this weekend with some friends. I actually should be packing, but I had to check in here! We're going up to Leadville, which is a historical silver mining town in the mountains of Colorado. The exit we take off the interstate is about 10 miles from Vail. We are camping right next to Turquoise Lake, which should be beautiful! It's not exactly rustic camping - there are flushing bathrooms, and our friends have a camper with an oven, a microwave and a TV with a DVD player. About the only amenity we don't have is satellite TV. But it should be lots of fun, we're really excited about it.

So anyway, just checking in that I will be gone for the rest of today (if I don't turn this machine off we'll never leave!), tomorrow and part of Sunday.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!
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Have LOTS of fun Heidi!
Today, I have to clean house, laundry, make 2 pavlovas for a dinner party tonight. No rest for the wicked!

Hugs to all!
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Oh Heidi, that sounds wonderful!!!! Kellye, I don't know what a "pavlova" is, but I hope it doesn't involve cooking! It's got to be at least as hot down there as it is up here! UGH!

We brought home little Mae from the vet's yesterday (kitty rescued from Queens several weeks ago, that we're now fostering - at least for a little while). The only thing we're doing apart from hanging with her is going to the Doctor's in a few minutes. I've got a urinary tract infection, and it's driving me CRAZY!

STAY COOL, everyone! (one of our air conditioners is out, and we're having a heck of a time with the heat!)
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A pavlova is a popular NZ dessert made from egg whites, sugar, vanilla, vinegar and cornstarch. My very favourite dessert of all time.

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Mmmm. I love Pavlova. I had a roommate from Australia who used to make it all the time. But it does involve baking, unless you can find the meringue already made.
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TGIF is right. After a whole week of missing dinner, it will be nice to eat with Bill, for two days. I have the same sched. next week.

Heidi, have a good time in Leadville. Remembering my history, that's where Doc Holliday spent most of his time, after leaving Tombstone. I'd like to get up to that part of the country, some time.
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Yup. Got a UTI. I'm taking Cipro for it.

Kellye - I think I know what Pavlova is - but I can't remember what name I know it by! It's excellent - but definitely requires baking! Stay as cool as possible!

Cindy - enjoy your dinners with Bill!

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