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get another cat to keep my new cat company?

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Hello! I recently adopted an 8 year old cat named Sunniday. She came from a household that had 2 other cats. Right now, Sunniday and I are living in an apartment. I have been having a hard time deciding whether I should get another cat or not. My cat seems to be doing okay but I feel guilty leaving her alone all day. I have bought some toys but..... Any ideas or feedback?
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Hi Pamela,

I would recommend getting another cat!! They are so much happier when they have a friend, and double the fun for you :LOL:
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I got my newest boy, Oliver, mainly for my oldest male, Big Boy. My female just isn't into playing so Big Boy was forced to chase himself around the house. Oliver was also injured (his eye) so I couldn't resist! But don't be heartbroken if you bring the new cat home and they don't get along right away. It took BB 2 months to finally really warm up to Oliver. He went into almost a depression for awhile... slept way to much, didn't eat as much as he normally does, and ignored the humans in the house! But about 3 weeks ago he started coming out again and now they are the best of buds! "My boys"!
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I would definately recommend getting another cat but like Berleen said do not expect them to get along right away. You should keep them separated for awhile and introduce them slowly. I hope you do decide to get another one. My motto is "Cats are like Potato Chips, you can't have just one"
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hehehee... Michele, I love your motto! I should tell that to my hubby when he is off buying his 290th computer game! I'll add another cat to MY list as he adds things to his list, which now consists of; a new boat (nothing under $10grand is good enough), a Harley, his own MONSTER computer (to play games on), rebuilding the truck we just bought, a snowmobile.... the list goes on. How expensive can a 4th or 5th cat be? Heck, I already buy the cat food!
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Your husband sounds alot like mine. He loves his "toys". I have to admit though he is real good to me when I want another animal. I have 16 cats and three dogs so I can't complain. As a matter of fact I am very lucky. I have the best husband in the world.

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ok thank you whole heartedly for making me extreamly JEALOUS!!!
I would LOVE "just one more" cat! LOL
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I have to admit I "tricked" him on a couple. One of them I told him was a Valentines Day present to him and one of them was a Maine Coon that he said he wanted so I got him one, when really I wanted it but you know you use reverse psychology. LOL He is a softie though. He loves all of our cats. We don't have children so the cats and dogs are our babies.

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I have 2 and they have the best time together! it's so entertaining to watch them play. they are so precious and give me hours of enjoyment every evening.

I definitly think you should get another!
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There's nothing better than 1 cat...well except for 2 or more
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I think a cat needs one of his own kind especially if you are out all day. They get lonesome. We got one kitten and he looked kind of lost and no one to play with so we got another the next week. They look so cute playing together.
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I am having a similar problem with my nine month old neutered cat. He will usually wake me up as soon as it starts to get light outside. He has been doing it for quite a long time now. I have tried everything I can think of. I just live with it now, and count the days until the sun rises later.
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I too have just added a kitten to our home with a five year old cat....the adjustment is very slow with lots of hissing and this week more slapping. Any suggestions as to how to ease this stress on both the cat and the kitten?
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My personal opinion, Kpell, LOTS OF LOVE TO BOTH OF THEM! Make sure you are not giving more attention to the kitten.. give a little more to the older one if nothing else. If you are playing with the kitten and the older one comes in the room, put the kitten aside for awhile to aknoledge the older one! The kitten is really too involved in exploring their new surroundings and playing to realize that they aren't getting that extra bit of attention. That seemed to work best for Big Boy when he was not too sure about Oliver, it was like he was saying "HA! She loves me best, so there!". Of course, you need to keep an eye on them, especially with the slapping. A kitten is a whole new ball of energy to a 5 year old! He/She has to find the kitten in themselves again (and trust me.. it will happen!). It will take time and alot of patience, but soon enough you should have best of friends!
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Thanks, Berleen. This is helpful...since I am a novice at being owned by cats....and still learning all their ways.
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Some of u might have already read my msg. I recently adopted Sunniday (8 year old girl cat) last week and she grew up in a multi cat house so today i went and got a 8 month old girl cat to keep her company. Most of u have expressed support in this. Well... I am now crying because it is not going well at all.

I know it takes time but I just can't take seeing these 2 cats looking sooooo unhappy. Sunni (Older cat) has been hissing and growling all nite.

Spottie (kitten) has been hiding under the couch for the last couple hours and refuses to come out even to eat or drink!!!

I really don't know what to do. I am a big softie and don't like the idea of my pets being unhappy because of my actions.

If u can give me words of advice or encouragement, I'd LOVE to hear from u. U can chat with me online at Utahgal8 when i'm online.

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Pamela... I know it's hard for you to watch your cats be unhappy, but with both of them being so new to everything, they NEED time to adjust! Your new kitten probably wont eat today because she is afraid. It will take time... at least a few weeks. At LEAST! And for the older cat, being 8 years old.. it's going to take her longer to adjust. Time is all you can give them, and lots of patiece! Think of everything both of them are experiencing right now... new smells, new sounds, new sights, everything! It's all so scary to them, but in time they will both adjust fine!
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