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Hi everyone

I just wondered of their babies ever growled while playing with their favourite toy, not being aggresive, will happily let us pet him and take the toy off him and play with him.

Is it a a noise they can make when content? Or is it a sign of being angry or aggresive?

Oh just wanted to say, he growls while alone with the toy, so it's not as if there is another cat and he is warning them.


Clare :chicken:
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neo and one or two of he kittens growl when they are playing. I think it is the wild kitty in them coming out I can pick him up when he is growling and he will start purring so I think with my guys it is more of a play thing.
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definatly a play kitty idea. He's trying to say tot he other kittens "hey this is my toy, and I love to play with it" *chuckles* my kittens are the same way when it comes to cheese. They bat it play with it, and growl with one peice stick out their mouths lol

It's really quite funny.

~ Salem
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How cute! I never heard of a kitty growling when playing. You learn something new every day here!
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