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doll face persian?

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Hi! I have a couple of questions I hope someone can answer. I bought a kitten last night. That is CFA registered, When I called the lady I asked her about their faces and she said they are pretty flat, when I got there, the kittens faces were not flat which is what I wanted but I got a kitten anyway. She gave me the papers. Does this mean he is a doll face persian. Is there anyway he isnt full blood persian?
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A picture would be helpful.
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Yeah I know but I only got him last night and I dont have a digital.
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If you type in doll face persian, in Google for instance you will find many photos of this type. Some breeders breed for the peke face(flat face) and some for the traditional type (doll face).
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I actually like the doll face look better
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To the breeders that breed for show "doll face" means "pet quality." These kittens have a longer nose, and do not conform with the breed standard for the short snub nose. They are 100% Persians, but just cannot be shown, and a lot of breeders do not allow them to be bred.
That is pretty much the only difference.

Kai-U Persians & Himalayans
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i prefer the much more extreme type face, full of character. They also seem to have an amazing quality of giving the most disgruntled expression when annoyed, literally their eyebrows square up. Brilliant dirty looks.
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A Persian with a flat face or pointy face or big ears or long or short nose is still a persian. Persian's vary.

I expect that you are talking about your new Blue Persian Belle, well she looks like a persian to me with a long nose

P.s I hope she's settling in.

Kai-u Cats Said!!!
They are 100% Persians, but just cannot be shown, and a lot of breeders do not allow them to be bred.

Persians no matter what they look like can be shown all OVER the world. They just wont win any awards at shows if they don't conform to the standard.
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What I meant was that a lot of breeders, myself included, do not allow their pet quality kittens to be shown.

Other breeders have different points of view, but it's just how I do things.

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Well Said And I thought you may have meant to say that.

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Actually my new cat isnt Belle (she is a smash face though) My hubby suprised me by taking me to buy a new baby. He is a boy, shaded silver, we named him T.C. for Top cat or the cat! He is a night owl. He pounces on our head and gets under our bed and makes all kinds of racket. I wasnt going to keep him because I really want a extreme faced persian but he has already stole my heart. The only thing is he doesnt like me little boy, he runs everytime he sees or hears him.
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Running from children is a common thing for kittens to do. Make sure your little one sits down in the room with the kitten and plays with him with a feather wand. Make sure the kitten isn't smacked with the toy. If your kitten associates the child with play time they will become fast friends.
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Are you still getting Belle?
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I am not sure if we are getting Belle or not she is a long ways away. I really want her but my husband doesnt want two. But I would love to have her. I gave T.C. his first bath and when I got him out I guess because his tail was so heavy with water, he started chasing it up in the air and stuff it was so funny. I woke up with him under my covers this morning, it suprised me.
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