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What is wrong...

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with some people?

A young woman at work is constantly being reprimanded, for violating company rules: she takes innumerable smoke breaks, violates the dress code and spends a lot of time, hitting on male coworkers (mostly married ones). If I was a supervisor, I'd have fired her, already.

Last week, she was sent home to change clothes, as her skirt was all the way up to her butt. Dress code says that skirts cannot be more than 3" above the knee. She threw a hissy fit and put in her two weeks' notice. "I'm going to find a job, where they'll work WITH me," she said. I guess that she hasn't figured out that she's working FOR the company and, when you take someone else's dime, they get to make the rules.

Personally, I'm fine with the dress code. We can wear pretty much anything that's clean and not offensive: jeans, shorts, T-shirts,etc. If Amy wants to work in skirts, that short, she should go to work as a cocktail waitress, stripper or hooker. Years ago, when I was a cocktail waitress, my uniform was hot pants and I had no problem with it. It was appropriate to that bar and I was a lot younger and thinner.

With her attitude, she's going to spend a lot of time, unemployed.
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I dont know if people get it that they are working for the company - I guess the company will be a lot quieter with her gone.

What infuriates me is this young girl I know, she has a 8 month old baby and he is teething and has a ear infection at this moment, and so hes a little cranky, which is normal to me, only problem is she screams at him to shut up and cusses at him. Poor baby, hes just trying to communicate the only way he knows how and she has no patience. She is also supposed to be out looking for a job but shes always sunbathing. Her fiance has to work so hard to make ends meet but she wont go out and look for a job. Some people. That wee baby is so cute and hes always so smily with me.

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I think alot of it comes down to respect. I'm alound to wear what ever I want to work but I only were jeans on fridays because I work at a professional office and I think I should look professional. Maybe when Im here longer and I feel more comfortable I wear jeans more often But there is nooooo reason to be dressing like a hooker to go to work!
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Our Fridays are casual days, so on that day I wear jeans. Every other day of the week I am professionally dressed eighter in a skirt/dress or dress pants w/matching top. It says a lot about a person who would show up in a micro-mini to work in a professional office.
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I'm assuming she's in her 20s (and perhaps even early 30s). I say this because we have an epidemic of young people thinking that everyone should give stuff to them. I have a friend who used to complain that nobody would give her a job--my roommate lit into her told her that nobody gives you a job, you have to earn it! She still didn't get it. This is the same person to whom I offered a job that paid $7/hour (over 15 years ago) for doing nothing but answering the phone at a moderate rate (maybe 4 calls an hour at most!) and she says, "But I just got a babysitting job!" Sheesh!
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I think it's very unprofessional and childish to disobey the dress code.. I wouldn't wear a mini skirt to work anyway just out of respect

And Erika.. I think I have the 20s syndrome too.. I think it's the way we were brought up or something, though I try so hard not to be that way.. I have been looking for a job since I graduated, then I practically get handed this one job about a month ago, a job where I would make like $5000 more a year than I was even HOPING for on an optimistic day, and because it wasn't my dream job I turned it down.. Now I'm banging my head off the wall.. ugh, and so far no more job offers I guess you live you learn right?
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When I applied for the job, I showed up wearing dress pants and a silk blouse, with low-heeled pumps. Today, I'm wearing good black jeans and my company polo shirt. Its requested that we wear the shirt on Fridays.

Most days, I do wear jeans but not my old, comfortable ones, faded out and a bit ragged. Whenever WalMart puts Rustlers on sale, I buy two pairs, so that I'll have good ones, for work. I only deal with people on the phone, so jeans are OK. I usually wear a knit pullover or button-down shirt, instead of T-shirts, though.
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Cindy, I would DIE for a job with a dress code like that, and I'm 22! The company I work for forbids: patterns, stripes, sleeveless shirts, ANY DENIM (including denim jackets and skirts), any pants that are cut like jeans, etc, etc... there's even a list of "approved colors"! Aaaaagh, it's soooo stupid. If the money and hours weren't so good for me as a student, I'd be scouring the area for another job.
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We don't really get to choose what we wear. We have tops that Subway provides, and we are to wear black pants, or tan, but at our store, we opted for black ones. We can wear shorts in the summer, but not many do. What's the point really? You have to wear shoes and socks (no sandals) and the shorts have to be no higher than your knee, so you may as well just wear pants. I think it's inappropriate to wear short shorts/skirts to work, unless you are a cocktail waitress, stripper or hooker. Just my opinion!
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I think that as long as it is not disrespecful and you feel comfortable then you should be able to wear whatever you want. Banning stripes and patterns is a little bit over the top, they might as well make you wear a uniform and at least you don't have to think about what to wear.

I pretty much wear jeans or combat pants to work with tshirts. I work for a university they are very very lax only management wear suits.
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I don't even have to get dressed if I don't want to. Many times they have called me to come to the shop, right now, amd I have gone in my sweats or comfy clothes I wear sitting around the couch. Since I don't live right at the back door of the shop any more, I wear jeans, t-shirts and my Docs.
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where i work at general mills the dress code is a uniform over your clothes a hairnet a bump cap and gloves over your hands and steel toed shoes a person that likes to dress sexy diffently dont want this job
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When one is hired for a job, you know what the dress code is. If you don't want to abide by it, don't take the job.

I like the dress code. Some days, for a change, I wear a dress, hose and heels. My skimpy little miniskirts and bustiers are for Saturday nights. Why would I want to look hot, for anyone at work, anyway?
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I am a teacher, so I don't have a really strict dress code to follow, just common sense. They did put out a dress code a few years ago, I think because too many teachers were wearing jeans every day, and some of the women were wearing clothes that were somewhat revealing. We can't wear mini skirts or leggings, and men must wear ties. Other than that, we can do what we want. My school has dress down Fridays, we pay $1 to wear jeans. The money goes to a school improvement fund.

Some people just have trouble following rules. It's too bad, they'll have a rough life if they don't change their attitude and learn to accept rules and criticism.
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