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help kitten can't walk

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I have a little 10 week old kitten names jay. About 2 days ago he wasn't his usual self, running around and terrorizing everything. He now sleeps all the time. It seems everywhere i go he has to be in my lap, or hiding under me. Its like hes scared. And i just noticed yesterday he was having trouble walking, and it has been getting alot worse in the last 24 hours. Now he can hardly stand at all without falling over, its like hes drunk. ( i assure you he isn't.) He had his distemper shot 9 days ago and was dewormed. I took him to the vet wednsday and they said he was having an allergic reaction to flea medication. But the falling over didn't start till after the vet. He has this look on his face likes hes scared to death. IM so worried. I want my little buddy to be hos normal, crazy self again. Someone please help me quick.
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Don't walk - run - back to the VET immediately!!!!
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Especially if you used Hartz flea treatment on such a little cat. Depending on what you used, you need to tell the vet! You also need to find another vet NOW if this one dismissed such serious symptoms as "reaction to flea treatment!" Your little one is in dire straights- please go to the vet NOW! Let us know please what he says when you get back. Your answer will not be found on an Internet board but in the office of a competent vet!
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any news???
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I just got back from the vet and i regret to inform you that little jay had to be put down. Just after i made the first post my little buddy could not stand up anymore. he was just laying on the floor. So we took him to the vet and waited for 3 dogs to get groomed. (20 minutes.) They told me he could have a number of diseases but would not know for sure which without testing. She said the best bet for us, and him, would be to uthinize the little guy. My heart is broke. I would of lost my apartment if i opted for the testing. He was in pain and i hope i did the right thing. thank you all so much for your help and support. I just wish there was a happy ending.
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I am so sorry about Jay.

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oh my I am so sorry for your loss, I wish you all the best in the future...I can only imagine what a hard decision that was for you. Take care. Rememebr the good times. You saved him from pain.
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OMG I am sooo sorry to hear about your baby...
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