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my baby hates everyone

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im so sad about my eldest and first cat jake, he is male and has been nutered to see if it would hepl his horrid behavior. i had him from being 7 weeks old, hes so loving and has a wonderfull personality,we spent lots of time together, but the minute someone else tried to interact with him he growled hissed and spat till the person either went away or he ran away! jake growls at my other cats too, he bites and scratched other people, even my boyfriendwhom jake has also known all his life. before my boyfrien moved in with me permanantly last year, jake would climb into my bed when he stayed and growl at him in the night to make him get out of bed.
i only have to pick him up and jake kisses my nose with his, i say gis one to him and he will rub his nose to my face and jump on my knee turn upside down and stech his whole body out so i can rub his tummy. why is he so agressive toward other people? i thought by neutering him he would be calmer and not have to show everyone who the boss is, the vet has given him the all clear medically but recomends a behaviorist to come and see him in action! if anyone knows of a good way to teach jake that growling is bad please please contact me either here or at my email add which is clairemarie77@hotmail.com. i cant say anythin i have tried has worked: stern NO! ive tried a water bottle,this just agrovates him more, ive tried distraction with his fave toy, and treats, even being nice while he sits there growling!!! from claire
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In most cases like this, they use behavior medication along with exercises to help him understand that he needs to accept all people. A few of the exercises are having other people offer them special treats such as thier favorite, or some baby food, you can also have your boyfriend do the feeding. It also helps if new people sit on the floor so that they are on the same level.
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my boyfriend has taken on the feeding regime but to no avail. ive also had my dad, stepmom and brother come down and give him treats, he was nice as pie to get the treats then as soon as they had gone, my dad who was petting at the time, moved his hand back onto his knee (he was kneeling ) thenjake spat and growled at him for no reason!! even after the treats!! i wish he was ok with other people, i know he would bite them if they tried to handle him. me, if i pick him up, and he is in a bad mood, he growls hisses and spits while im holding him but never scratches me, or bites me???? im lost, does jake think i am his property?? he is only like this when around others. and my other pets.... its sooo weird!! when we are alone he is the perfect companion. well, ty for you replies, i read them all as you can see!! claire xx
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These exercises will take more than one time. The person should sit quietly on the floor and SHOULD NOT pet the cat. Every single time the person comes over, have him/her sit on the floor and give treats. They can speak very softly to the cat but they must keep their voices low. They should sit still. After doing this MANY times Jake will feel more comfortable with them.

Allow people to touch Jake ONLY after Jake asks them to pet him. He will ask by head butting or rubbing against them. He hisses and spits because people are violating his space without invitation. Once he trusts them, he will invite them to pet him.

The same goes for you. When he hisses or spits, just leave him alone! He is telling you he needs alone time, please respect his desire.
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