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hiya all!!!

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hi everyone, well this is all new to me, ihave four cats now, jake 3 merlin 4 jessica 10 month and jacc 9 weeks, all my friend call me the weirdo cat lady-i dont mind though!! i love them to bits... im planning on moving more into the countryside so they have a better time of being outside, also so that i can take in more cats, my pets were either unwanted or homeless and came from some sad backgrounds, but with love and care and a little talking cat language.. they all lead a happy fun life now!!jacc is the baby of the family and has an extra thumb on each of his front paws, its so cute!! jess needs to have a special diet, she has a similiar condition to our irritable bowel syndrome and is constantly pooing if she eats anything that she shouldnt!! merlin is the howler, he likes to talk to you, literally, he has no top teeth as they were worn away thru chewing rubbish outside, and jake, well hes my baby, i got him from a home in staffordshire, hes fairly moody and is seeing a therapist for his growling. other than that they all have a 20 minite pet each dfay, a groom, breakfast dinner and supper and a bath once a week ( they actually like a bath!)
thanks for reading, hope to hear from you all soon, take care, from claire and family, staffordshire, united kingdom!!
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Toes used to take baths with me when he was younger. He hates the water now though.

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Welcome Claire!!!! You have got to show off some pictures if ya got any!! We love pictures over here!!! I am sure you will love it here!!!! Just make yourself at home!
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Hi Claire and welcome to the site. I loved reading all about your cats.
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Welcome to the site!

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welcome, enjoy your self it is so much fun here, and the people here are great
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Welcome to the site! Oh, what wonderful stories of your cats! Might I entreat you to visiting www.savesamoa.org and perhaps writing up their stories to inspire others to rescue as well? Shameless plug, I know. I just love hearing and reading rescue stories with happy endings, and your feline family is certainly one of those!
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thankyou all so much for making me feel so welcome, i will certainly find the time to check my replies everyday and visit the site you recomended!! thankyou all so much! xxxxxxx
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