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18 year old cat won't eat

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Usually our 18 year old cat Lilly is spritely and has a normal appetite, but today she is very lethargic and won't eat anything - cat food, ham, cat milk - not even cheese, her favourite food. We're very worried, does anyone know what it could be? Also I read somewhere that you should give honey to a cat that won't eat, is that right?
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None of us on here are vets that could say yes to honey..

I would ring your vet or local emergency vet
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not honey Karo Syrup - a little... BUT - if she is 18, not eating and very lethargic, I would run her to the ER Vet instead of trying anything on my own.
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I would call the Er or Vet right now.
Thereare so many things that it could bewith a old cat.
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Not eating is often a real emergency. Has she been using her litter box normally? Not using it all, or using it repeatedly with only small amounts of urine, can indicate urinary tract problems. Blockages are not as common in females as males, but if she can't urinate, she will be very uncomfortable in a pretty short time.

Constipation isn't unusual in older cats, and just as in humans, it can make you feel like doing nothing much at all.
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She's too old to take any chances with. When was her last full blood panel?

Call vets, see who can get her in today. It'll cost more, but you can't wait.

That it's something treatable and not too serious. Everyone appreciates updates if you find time in the future.
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Great that you noticed it right away, and I'm sure you're going to call the vet first thing tomorrow morning anyway, even if we weren't all urging you.

These things always happen on weekends, when the vet's office is closed...

In the meantime, try smelly food. "People" tuna, sardines. Try warming her food a little, to make it smellier, by placing it in a hot-water bath — don't microwave it. When cats can't smell, they won't eat, even favorite treats you think they'd recognize on sight. Try Stilton!

Have you looked in her mouth? And do check the litter box; your vet will want to know if anything is off.

You don't want this not-eating to continue for any more than a day, especially at her great old age. Good luck, and please do keep us posted.
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